ASTM B551 washers

ASTM B551 Washers

What are ASTM B551 washers?

The ASTM B551 covers 5 grades of zirconium specification. ASTM B551 Washers are designed with a chemical content of zirconium, hafnium, carbon, chromium, nickel, and constituting alloys. This allows the ASTM B551 Spring Washer to have excellent resistance to corrosive media in harsh environments. These washers allow for even weight and pressure distribution. The B551 Lock Washers resist vibration and prevent loosening in the system. These washers are efficient in their functioning and very reliable. ASTM B551 Fender Washers protect the material against damage due to various factors. These washers are available in different sizes as per requirements.

ASTM B551 Washers Specifications

ASTM B551 Washers Chemical Composition

ASTM B551 Washers Dimensions

ASTM B551 Washers Weight Chart

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What is ASTM B551 material?

The ASTM B551 material is a specification for zirconium washers. This ASTM B551 Material has excellent tensile and yield strength with a bend radius of 5T.

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What is the function of ASME SB551 flat washers?

ASME SB551 flat washer helps increase the screws bearing surface area and reduce the pressure applied on the fastened object. The ASME SB551 Flat Washers evenly distribute the weight and protect the material from damage due to tension and stress. This ASME SB551 Plain Washer doesn’t let the equipment loosen due to vibration and absorbs shock on the object.

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What is the SB551 split washer used for?

The SB551 split washer is characterized having a breakpoint in its connection. An SB551 Split Washer is used in chemical processing, aerospace, navigation, smelting, process plants, medical equipment, etc.

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What are the different sizes of B551 belleville washer?

The B551 Belleville washer is designed in standard sizes of M2 to M36. The B551 Belleville Washer size can be custom designed as per requirements.

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How much does an ASME SB551 square washer weigh?

The ASME SB551 square washer weight holding capacity depends on the size and dimensions of the grade. Generally, ASME SB551 Square Washers weigh anywhere between 20grms to 180grms.