ASTM b619 pipe

ASTM B619 Pipe

What is ASTM B619?

With the increasing number of nuclear reactors worldwide, solid pipes for cooling system demand are also rising. Pipes made of nickel-cobalt alloys have the strength not only suitable for nuclear reactors but also hot turbines and gas combustion zones. Hastelloy, a registered trademark, is also a nickel-cobalt alloy and other elements suitable for multiple purposes.

ASTM B619 is the specification standard for such nickel-cobalt alloys and Hastelloy for making such high-end applications safe. It is mandatory to comply with the composition, outer diameter, and thickness. The specification cover nickel-cobalt alloys of schedule 5S, 10S, 40S, and 80S.

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ASTM B619 Pipe specification

ASTM B619 Pipe Specification

ASTM B619 Pipe Chemical Properties

ASTM B619 Pipe Mechanical Properties

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What are the grades of ASTM B619 pipe?

There are many grades of ASTM B619 pipe depending on its nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and other elements composition. Also, it is for many of the scheduled SCH pipes to measure the nominal wall thicknesses as per the ANSI/ASME B36.10 M standards.

ASTM B619 tubing grades include many grades. It includes many UNS grades like N10001, N10242, N10665; N12160, N10624, N10629, N10675, N10276, N06455, N06007, N06975, N08230, and N06002. Also grades like N06022, N06035, N06058, N06059,. N06200, N06985, N06030, R30556, N08031, N06230, N06686, N06210 and R20033.

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What are the classes of ASME SB619 nickel-cobalt alloy pipe?

All the ASME SB619 nickel-cobalt alloy pipe grades fall under two classes class 1 and class 2. The basis for the two classes is the welding process and delivery conditions for both Hastelloy or schedule steels of 5S, 10S, 40S, and 80S. The two classes are also for the two grades of Hastelloy, depending on its chromium and molybdenum content.

  • The ASME SB619 specifications for class 1 are for welded, solution-annealed, welded-sized, and solution-annealed pipes and tubes.
  • ASME SB619 specifications for class 2 are for cold-worked and solution-annealed piping systems.

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what is ASTM B619 class 1 ?

All the ASTM B619 grades fall under two pipe classes class 1 of welded, sized and solution annealed, and class 2 of welded, cold worked and solution annealed. The ASTM B619 specifications two categories, including the different compositions of chromium and molybdenum of nickel alloys.

ASTM B619 class 1 specifications of nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys that are sized after welding and given an annealing treatment. It differs from class 2, which involves cold working apart from welding and solution annealing.

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Where is ASTM B619m pipe used?

ASTM B619m pipe delivered in the solution annealed condition is best for use in many applications. It is because of making it from the rare nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with other elements. And because the nickel-chromium alloy has excellent properties like high strength and superior corrosion resistance.

There are many applications in various sectors where ASTM B619 specified pipes and tubes are in use, including the following, among others.

  • For transporting heavy cooling water to nuclear reactors
  • To bring out the crude oil from deep wells in off-shore drilling
  • To carry gas and in petrochemicals, gas processing, specialty chemicals, etc.
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ASTM B619 welded pipe class 1 vs. class 2

ASTM B619 welded pipe class 1, and class 2 differs in the welding process and delivery conditions. While class 1 of ASTM B619 specifications is welding, sizing, and solution annealed. Class 2 includes welding, cold worked, and solution annealed, with cold working and sizing being the significant difference between class 1 and class 2

  • ASME SB619 welded nickel pipe class 2, being cold-worked, has high yield strength than class 1
  • The class 2 pipes and tubes are less malleable than Class 1