ASTM b729 pipe

ASTM B729 Pipe

What is ASTM B729?

Many applications in food, energy, pharmaceutical, plastics, and other industries require pipes and tubes with chloride ion and sulphuric acid resistance. Hence these piping systems should have nickel, chromium, and molybdenum as elements in the steel alloy.

ASTM B729 is a specification for such alloy covering UNS N08020 and UNS N08024 nickel alloy coldworked hot-finished seamless pipes and tubes. Its other name is ASME SB 729 seamless nickel-iron-chromium-molybdenum-copper nickel alloy pipe. ASTM B729 tubing provides potential pitting, inter-granular, and crevice resistance for many applications involving salt water or sulphuric acid.

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ASTM B729 Pipe specification

ASTM B729 Pipe Specification

ASTM B729 Pipe Properties

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Which grades are covered by ASTM B729 specification?

ASTM or the American Society for Testing Materials specification for B729 steel alloy includes many grades. It includes Nickel Alloy 20 seamless tube, Nickel Alloy 20 seamless pipe, Carpenter 20 seamless pipe, Carpenter 20 seamless tube, and ASTM B729 UNS N08020.

Commonly known as Alloy 20 or ASTM B729 alloy 20, it has three grades per the unique number specification. It includes ASTM B729 UNS N08020, ASTM B729 UNS N8024, and ASTM B729 UNS N08026. ASTM B729 welded tube can resist chloride-induced cracking up to 150 degrees Celsius.

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What is ASTM B729 pipe furnished conditions?

ASTM B729 pipes depending on their many grades are furnished in different conditions. For example, the general furnishing condition of the Carpenter 20 B729 pipe is in a stabilized annealed condition suitable for applications susceptible to chloride ion and pitting corrosion.

Similarly, furnishing the grade ASTM UNS NO8026 is in solution-annealed condition to have high mechanical properties useful for specific applications. And furnishing of ASTM UNS N08024 should be in the annealed condition. Reputed suppliers ensure the right furnishing conditions for the ASTM B729 nickel alloy seamless pipe per the customers’ requirements for particular operations.

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What is the allowable fiber stress of ASTM B729 seamless pipe?

Fiber stress determines the loading strength of the pipes and tubes, and it is important to carry dangerous liquids and gases. Renowned suppliers conduct hydrostatic tests analysis and will examine the fiber stress of all the pipes and tubes to know their allowable fiber stress.

ASTM B729 seamless pipe has 30% elongation in 2 in or 50.8mm or 4D min and conducted the hydrostatic test at a pressure not over 17 MPa or 2500 psi for nominal sizes of 76mm. The allowable fiber stress in this temper condition is 138 MPA or 20,000 psi.

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Why is hydrostatic testing necessary for the ASME SB729 tube?

All ASME SB 729 tubes and pipes undergo hydro testing to check their strength and identify leaks. It also helps to know the allowable fiber stress of pipes and tubes and the elasticity while carrying the gas and liquids.

For conducting a hydrostatic test it is essential to fill SB 729 tubes with liquid, especially water. To detect any leaks, the water’s dyeing or colouring is important, It makes identification of any defects easy. And to know the pressure tightness, it is essential to shut off the supply valve to check if there is any pressure loss.

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What are buying tips for ASTM B729 seamless nickel alloy tubes?

Pipes and tubes are unsung heroes in several domestic, commercial, and industrial projects The following are a few tips for buying ASME SB729 nickel alloy seamless tubes.

  • Check for the alloy name or the UNS number to be suitable for specific applications
  • Confirm the ASTM specifications and the year of use to know the right composition of the alloy used to make the pipes or tubes
  • Check for the dimensions, sizes, and test certificates to buy superior-quality pipes and tubes
  • Above all, buying ASTM B729 seamless nickel alloy tubes from reputed pipe and tube suppliers is essential.