ASTM F2882 screw

ASTM F2882 Screw

What is ASTM F2882 screw?

The ASTM F2882 screw is a quenched and tempered alloy grade steel. An F2882 Screw is designed in diameters of 0.060 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. These screws have an ultimate tensile strength of 170ksi. The ASME F2882M Machine Screws have superior strength and can connect different equipment efficiently. These screws can be easily installed or dismantled. ASME SF2882 Drywall Screws have a slender pin having a helical thread running across its slotted head. These screws can be fastened using a screwdriver or a wrench. The F2882M Concrete Screws can pierce directly with concrete. These screws cover brass, bronze, copper, molybdenum, stainless steel, superalloys, etc. This gives the F2882 Roofing Screws good corrosion resistance properties. These screws are formed by cold formed, hot forged, and wire formed. The F2882M Lag screws are a feature in the agriculture, construction, energy, transportation, and automotive industry.

ASTM F2882 Screw Specifications

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What is ASTM F2882 material?

The ASTM F2882 material covers high strength devices used to operate in pressurized systems. ASME SF2882 Material is usually quenched and tempered while showcasing good corrosion resistance.

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What is the function of ASME SF2882m self tapping screws?

An ASTM F2882M self tapping screw is a fastener that can tap its own hole as it is driven through the material. Generally, ASTM F2882M Self Tapping Screws are used to produce threads in soft material or sheets, excluding wood screws.

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How are ASTM F2882 self drilling screws heat treated?

The ASTM F2882 self drilling screws can be heat treated to increase their performance and tolerance. F2882 Self Drilling Screws should be heat treated by quenching in oil and subsequently tempered by reheating at 797 degrees F.

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Why are tensile tests required for F2882 socket head cap screw screws?

The tensile tests for F2882 socket cap screws help tell how the fastener behaves in certain conditions. These tests for the F2882 Socket Head Cap Screw screws determine the force limit and how secure the threaded connection is.

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What is the temperature range for ASME SF2882 set screws?

The temperature range of ASME SF2882 set screws are designed to operate in temperatures up to 1105 degrees F. If the ASME SF2882 Set Screws exceed this threshold they will rupture under tension and rupture.