ASTM F3043 bolts

ASTM F3043 Bolts

What are ASTM F3043 bolts?

The ASTM F3043 bolts cover alloy steel heat treated twist of bolts. These ASTM F3043 Bolts are designed to develop a predetermined tension when applied to the torque of the nut. They also develop a counter torque to the F3043 TC Bolts to separate the spline end from the body of the torque. These bolts are available in sizes from 1 to 1-1/4 inch. The SF3043 Hex Bolts assembly is intended for use in interiors, structural connections, concrete systems and other applications. ASTM F3043 Heavy Hex Bolts have good corrosion resistance properties and are reliable for long periods.

ASTM F3043 Bolts Specifications

ASTM F3043 Chemical Composition

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What is ASTM F3043 material?

The ASTM F3043 material covers one style of heat treated tension control bolt nut and washer assemblies. Also known as sets, the ASTM F3043 Material has a tensile strength from 200 to 250ksi and can work in different environmental conditions.

Check advantages & disadvantages of ASME SF3043 tension control bolts and F 3043 twist off Type bolts

Advantages & disadvantages of ASTM F3043 tension control bolts

The ASTM F3043 TC bolts help create increased preload facilities. These ASTM F3043 Tension Control Bolts can be utilized in shear and allow for proper tension in the system. They are lightweight and allow for easy installation with no match marking required. Further, they have good resistance to corrosive and oxidative media in harsh affluents. The SF3043 Tension Control Structrual Bolts are limited to certain lengths, diameters and are more expensive than normal grades. Lastly field relubrication is prohibited by the code.

ASME SF3043 tension control (tc) bolts and ASTM F3043 nuts/ washers are suitable for steel frame construction in Middle East countries

Role of F 3043 twist off type bolts in steel frame construction

A F 3043 twist off bolt is a high strength fastener employed in the frame construction. These F 3043 Twist Off Type Bolts help calibrate tension control and twisting the splined extension into the bolt shank. They can be tightened from one side by a single person giving them an edge in the industry.

View tensile strength properties of SF3043 tension control structural bolts and ASTM F3043 heavy hex bolts range from 200 to 215 ksi

How is tensile strength measured on ASME SF3043 tension control (tc) bolts?

The tensile strength of ASME SF3043 TC bolts are measured based on the pressure units of MPa or GPa in stronger materials. ASME SF3043 Tension Control (Tc) Bolts can be calculated using the formula tmin x a = Stensile.

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What is the maximum hardness of F3043 tension control washers?

The F3043 tension washers are used to evenly distribute the load and protect the material against damage. These F3043 Tension Control Washers have a maximum Rockwell C hardness of 45 max.