ASTM F3111 heavy hex structural bolt

ASTM F3111 Heavy Hex Structural Bolt

What is ASTM F3111 heavy hex structural bolt?

The ASTM F3111 heavy hex structural bolts are higher strength bolting material grades. This ASTM F3111 Heavy Hex Structural Bolt is heat treated fastener bolstering superior strength. These bolts have a larger head and have better clamping force over an ASME SF3111 Hex Bolt. These bolts can be easily connected and dismantled if required without damaging the equipment. This SF3111 Hex Head Bolt is intended for use in different environmental connections. They have good corrosion resistance properties and are very reliable. These F3111 Washers evenly distribute the load and pressure in the system. They also support different bolts in the system.

ASTM F3111 Heavy Hex Structural Bolt Specifications

ASTM F3111 Heavy Hex Structural Bolt Chemical Composition

ASTM F3111 Heavy Hex Structural Bolt Tensile Strength

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What is ASTM F3111 material?

The ASTM F3111 material covers alloy steel heavy hex structural fastener grades. This ASTM F3111 Material is heat treated and bolsters enhanced mechanical properties. The material has a superior hardness of Rockwell C hardness of 40 max.

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What is the equivalent of ASTM F3111 structural bolting?

The ASTM F3111 structural bolting equipment is used in high strength applications. The ASTM F3111 Structural Bolting equivalent grades are F3043, SAE grade 5, etc.

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Will ASTM F3111 bolts rust?

The ASTM F3111 bolts are designed with a superior chemical content of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and other alloys. This gives the ASTM F3111 bolts to have good resistance to corrosive and reducing media. These bolts may however rust when exposed to toxic and harsh media.

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Is ASTM F3111-16 screws magnetic?

The content of chrome, and vanadium makes the F3111-6 screws ferrous. This predominantly makes the ASTM F3111-16 Screws magnetic in nature.

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What are ASTM F3111-14 nut used for?

The ASTM F3111-14 nut fasteners increase the clamping force and reduce axial movement. ASTM F3111-14 Nut is used in the construction of bridges, structural equipment, bolting systems, automotive units, masonry equipment, fireproofing, etc.