ASTM F3125 bolts

ASTM F3125 Bolts

What are ASTM F3125 bolts?

The ASTM F3125 bolt is a standard specification for quenched and tempered bolts. ASTM F3125 Bolts are partially threaded across their lengths and are affixed permanently or temporarily in the system. These F3125 Bolts are similar to screws that have good corrosion resistance properties. These bolts work in higher pressure and temperature setups. The F3125 ASTM Anchor Bolts are generally affixed using nuts or washers. Both these fasteners create good clamping force and allow for even weight distribution in the system. ASTM F3125 A325 Eye Bolt has excellent tensile and yield strength while bolstering good hardness. These bolts can be heat treated to increase their performance and aesthetics. The ASTM F 3125 Socket Head Bolts are available in different sizes and can be customized to suit project specifications.

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ASTM F3125 Bolts Specifications

ASTM F3125 Bolts Chemical Composition

ASTM F3125 Bolts Dimensions And Threads

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Are SF3125 hex bolts structural?

The SF3125 hex bolt is a fastener designed with a hexagonal cross section that comes under structural steel specifications. ASTM F3125 Hex Bolts fall under the high-strength structural bolting umbrella. These structural bolts don’t twist under tension and can be easily assembled. The ASTM F3125m Hex Cap Screws provide support and stability to different applications.

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How do I calculate ASME SF3125 heavy hex bolts size?

The ASME SF3125 heavy hex bolt is measured based on its diameter and its length. F3125 Heavy Hex Bolts can be calculated by measuring its outer and inner thread to find its diameter. The bottom cavity of the threads can be calculated to find its minor diameter. The length of the ASME SF3125 Square Bolts is the distance from one end to the other end of the bolt.

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Are ASTM F3125M flange bolts high strength?

The ASTM F3125m flange bolt is characterized to work in different conditions. SF3125 Flange Bolts have minimum yield strength of 92000psi with a minimum tensile strength of 120000psi.

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What are ASTM F 3125 socket head cap screws used for?

The ASTM F 3125 socket head cap screws are characterized having a cylindrical recessed hexagon drive. F3125 A325 Socket Head Cap Screws are common in structural applications, engineering equipment, and structural bolting equipment.

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Advantages of high strength bolts ASTM F3125

The High Strength Bolt of the ASTM F3125 grade has superior corrosion resistance properties. High Strength Bolts ASTM F3125 works in different pressure and temperature conditions. These bolts have good tensile and yield strength with enhanced performance. Apart from this they are reliable and can be customized as per project requirements.