ASTM F3148 bolts

ASTM F3148 Bolts

What is ASTM F3148 bolts?

The ASTM F3148 bolt is a high strength structural bolt for general assemblies. These ASTM F3148 Bolts are designed with a superior chemical content that gives them an edge in corrosive and harsh environments. The ASTM F3148 High Strength Structural Bolts have superior strength and can connect different equipment efficiently. These bolts bolster superior tensile and yield strength. ASTM F3148 Alloy Steel Bolts are designed in metric sizes of M1.6 to M48. The lengths can be customized as per requirements.

ASTM F3148 Bolts Specifications

ASTM F3148 Bolts Chemical Properties

ASTM F3148 Bolts Tensile Requirement

ASTM F3148 Bolts Dimensions

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What is ASTM F3148 material?

The ASTM F3148 material covers physical, chemical, and mechanical requirements for alloy steel. This ASTM F3148 Material covers quenched and tempered bolts in inch dimensions. They cover structural bolting assemblies for use in high strength systems.

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What is the tensile strength of F3148 TNA bolt?

The tensile strength of the F3148 TNA bolt has a minimum tensile strength of 144000psi. The F3148 TNA Bolt temperature and length will influence its tensile strength.

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What is the torque specification for ASTM F3148-17A heavy hex bolts?

The torque specification of ASTM F3148-17A heavy hex bolt is based on its diameter and tension of the grade. These ASTM F3148-17A heavy hex bolts have a maximum torque of 156 ft-lbs for bolt diameters of ½ inches. As the size increases, their torque requirement increases.

ASTM F3148 carriage bolt and high strength structural bolts in UNF/ UNC & Extra Fine UNEF threads

Is ASME SF3148 anchor bolt suitable for marine use?

The ASME SF3148 anchor bolt is used to connect both structural and non-structural equipment. ASME SF3148 Anchor Bolt is designed in type 1 and type 3 specifications. The type 1 grade is not suited for marine environments. However, the type 3 ASTM F3148 Hex Head Bolt has a content of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This allows it to give them resistance to marine environments.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ASTM F3148 flange bolt

The ASTM F3148 flange bolt is employed to connect different equipment efficiently in the system. ASTM F3148 Flange Bolt has minimum tension value and allows for accurate tightening. These bolts have good strength and tolerance. ASTM F3148 Carriage Bolt is intended for use in different conditions. These bolts are used in general assembly allowing for an easy installation process. The ASTM F3148 Hex Bolts may rupture under stress and be subject to higher loads. These bolts may also corrode when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.