ASTM F3329 rivets

ASTM F3329 Rivets

What are ASTM F3329 rivets?

The ASTM F3329 rivet is a mechanical fastener designed with a head on one end with a cylindrical stem on the other. ASTM F3329 Rivets are connected by either punching or smashing the tail. These rivets help create a reliable connection and have good strength. The ASME SF3329-18 Blind Rivet is designed with primary alloys of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, and boron. These blind rivets have a blank end and good corrosion resistance properties. SF3329-18 Threaded Rivets are designed in metric sizes of M1.4 to M64 or more. These rivets have a Rockwell hardness between B52 to C32. The F 3329 Steel Rivets have a minimum tensile strength of 330 to 1040mpa with a minimum yield strength of 190 to 940mpa. These ASTM F3329 Solid Rivets are designed in different sizes to suit project needs.

ASTM F3329 Rivets Specifications

ASTM F3329 Rivets Chemical Composition

ASTM F3329 Rivets Mechanical Properties

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What is ASTM F3329 material?

The ASTM F3329 material covers nine property classes of carbon and alloy metric rivets. This ASTM F3329 Material covers property class based on mandatory style, type, and dimensions specified by the grade.

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What are ASTM F3329 alloy steel metric rivets used for?

The ASTM F3329 alloy steel metric rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener in different applications. These ASTM F3329 Alloy Steel Metric Rivets are used in aircraft systems, military equipment, trailers, magnetic motors, electric systems, etc.

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How much weight can an ASTM F 3329 rivet nut hold?

The weight of ASTM F 3329 rivet nuts load bearing capacity is based on the size of the grade. Generally, the ASTM F 3329 Rivet Nut can hold anywhere between 30,000 pounds of weight.

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How do you install an ASTM F3329-18 pop rivet?

The ASTM F3329-18 pop rivet installation begins by drilling a hole, and any debris is cleared. ASTM F3329-18 Pop Rivet is placed in the hole, and the rivet gun is shredded into place. This will allow for a permanent connection in the system.

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Advantages of SF 3329 rivnut

The SF 3329 rivnut is a versatile fastener that resists vibration and tension. An SF 3329 Rivnut creates a strong and long lasting connection. This equipment is well-versed in the mass production of units. The F3329-18 T Rivet has lower installation costs and bolsters enhanced tolerances.