ASTM F593 Bolts

ASTM F593 Bolts

What are ASTM F593 bolts?

ASTM F593 bolts are stainless steel specifications in standard sizes of 0.5 to 1.5 inches. The ASTM F593 Bolts are austenitic alloys that have good chemical content of chromium, nickel, copper, and other alloys. These ASTM F593 Fasteners have good corrosion resistance properties and have enhanced tolerances in harsh environments. These bolts are designed having coarse, fine, and other thread types. The ASME Sf593 Shoulder Bolt has good strength and workability in high temperatures. These bolts are non-magnetic and have excellent performance. An F593 Stainless Steel Heavy Hex Bolt has a higher thickness with lower heat conductivity. These bolts can be either hot or cold worked. The F593 Stainless Washer allows for even weight distribution in the system. These washers protect them against damage in the system.

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ASTM F593 Bolts Specifications

ASTM F593 Fasteners Properties

ASTM F593 Heavy Hex Bolt Dimenions

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What type of bolt is F593C?

The F593C bolts cover fasteners with chemical and mechanical requirements for stainless steel. ASTM F593 Stainless Steel Lag Bolt has good resistance to corrosive media and has enhanced strength.

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What size is a F593C screw?

The size of the F593C screw is based on the size and length of the fastener. Generally, an ASTM F593 Screw is designed in standard sizes of M2 to M160. These screws are available in lengths between 3mm to 200mm or more.

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What does F593D mean on a hex bolt?

The F393D hex bolt is part of an austenitic grade of stainless steel manufactured from 304 steel. The ASTM F593g Hex Bolt is employed in higher temperature service belonging to seven alloy groups.

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What is ASTM F593 all thread?

The ASTM F593 all thread fastener is designed with a self-sealing capacity. These threads allow strong holding performance in thin-walled tubes and are an economical choice in different applications.

ASTM F593 stainless steel heavy hex bolt for high pressure service, check ASTM F593G socket head cap screw application & yield strength

What ASTM F593G socket head cap screw is used for bolts?

The ASTM F593G socket head cap screw is a machine bolt having various bolt markings and strengths. An F593 C Socket Head Cap Screw is specified for use in high pressure service and general purpose applications. These screws are used in different applications. The ASTM F593 Hex Cap Screw is used to project valves, flanges, pressure vessels, pharmaceutical equipment, seawater systems, power generation industries, etc.

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