ASTM F593 Type 304 Bolt

ASTM F593 Type 304 Bolt

What is ASTM F593 type 304?

The ASTM F593 type 304 is a grade of fasteners that are used to affix equipment efficiently. ASTM F593 Type 304 is cold worked and available in the form of bolts, nuts, screws, stud bolts, threaded rods, etc. The ASTM F593 Type 304 Fasteners have primary alloys of chromium and nickel with other alloys. These fasteners have superior resistance to corrosive and oxidative affluents. They are reliable and showcase enhanced performance and tolerances.

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ASTM F593 Type 304 Bolt Specifications

ASTM F593 Grade 304 Fasteners Properties

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Is there a coating approved for use on ASTM F593 type 304 bolt?

The ASTM F593 type 304 bolts coating helps resist corrosion and increases its longevity. ASTM F593 Type 304 Bolt is coated with zinc plated, hot dipped galvanizing, chrome plating, epoxy coating, and Teflon coating. The F593 Type 304 Hex Head Bolts can also be electro polished, mirror buffed, oxidized and passivation coated.

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What sizes do ASTM F593 type 304 fasteners come in?

The ASTM type 304 fasteners are designed in standard lengths from 4 to 6 inches. These fasteners also come in diameters between 1-1/4-7 to 1-1/8-7 specifications.

SF593 Grade 304 heavy hex bolt suppliers in UAE, don’t forget to check the difference between ASTM F593 Type 304 hex bolt and heavy hex bolt

What is the difference between a SF593 grade 304 hex bolt and heavy hex bolt?

The SF593 grade 304 hex and heavy hex bolts are versatile fasteners designed with a 6-sided hexagonal shape. An ASTM F593 Grade 304 Heavy Hex Bolt is designed in 1/8 larger sizes across the flats when compared to a hex bolt. A standard grade specification of ASTM F593 Gr 304 Hex Bolt has smaller width across its flats and corners.

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Pros and cons of ASTM F593 UNS S30400 u bolts

The ASTM F593 gr 304 U bolts are robust U shaped specifications. ASTM F593 Uns S30400 U Bolts are easy to install and can be easily dismantled. These bolts are strong and can be easily customizable. This ASME SF593 Type 304 Screw has excellent corrosion resistance properties and are very reliable. The bolts are prone to fail under stress and tension in the system. These U bolts may corrode and require lubrication for smoothening operation.

SF593 DIN 1.4305 hex cap screws are available in all sizes and come with test certificates. Check the price list & tensile strength of ASTM F593 Type 304 carriage/ anchor bolts

Is SF593 DIN 1.4305 hex cap screws high tensile?

The SF593 DIN 1.4305 hex cap screw is a 6-sided grade specification. ASTM F593 Din 1.4305 Hex Cap Screws have high tensile strength. These screws are designed with a tensile strength of 85 to 140ksi. The tensile strength of the ASTM F593 Grade 304 Socket Head Cap Screw helps determine its mechanical performance.