ASTM F594 nuts

ASTM F594 Nuts

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ASTM F594 stainless steel heavy hex nut suppliers in UAE

Specification of ASTM F594 nuts

ASTM F594 Nuts Specifications

Imperial Sizes Thread Metric sizes
1/4″ to 1 1/2″
  • Metric
  • Imperial
M6 to M100
Length Heat Treatments Condition Process
3mm – 200 mm 1038 +/- 28°C (1900+/- 50°F )
  • Drilling
  • Cutting on band saw machine
  • Heat treatment
  • Tapping
  • CNC
  • Heat treatment
  • Forging on up setter machine
  • Testing
Types Standards Mechanical properties of F594 Nut
  • Lock Nuts
  • Self Locking Nuts
  • Heavy Hex Nuts
  • Hex Nuts
  • Coupler Nuts
  • Nylon Insert Nuts
  • ASTM F594
  • Proof Stress : Upto 120 000 KSI
Delivery time Testing ASTM F594 nuts manufacturers at provide
Within 7 days
  • Hardness Test
  • Tensile Testing
  • PMI Test
  • IGC Test
  • Impact Testing
  • Mill Test Certificate
  • Free sample
  • Raw Materials Certificate
  • Third Party Inspection Report
  • EN 10204 3.1
  • Tensile Testing
Coating Origin Application
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing
  • Xylon Coated
  • Zinc Coated
  • PTFE Coated
  • Phosphate Coated
  • Cadmium Coated
  • Japan
  • South America
  • East Europe
  • Korea
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Process
  • LNG
  • Water Desalination
  • Sea Water

Always check ASME SF594 stainless steel cap/ coupling and hex jam nuts size and weight before buying material

Suppliers and manufacturer of ASTM F594 hex machine nut and ASME SF594 square nuts with exceptional sizes, standard, and quality

View sizes, weight chart & dimension table of ASTM F594G t/ u/ wing/ shear and spring nut
ASTM F594H strut nut and ASTM F594D dome nuts with hardness, proof load testing, available in hot dip galvanized, ptfe & xylan coated

ASTM F594D nuts Tensile Stress Areas And Threads Per Inch

ASTM F594 Nuts Tensile Stress Areas And Threads Per Inch

ASTM F594 hex machine nut Chemical Composition

ASTM F594 Nuts Chemical Composition

ASTM F594 Nuts categories

ASTM F594 Nuts categories

Dimensions of ASME SF594 nuts

ASTM F594 Stainless Steel Heavy Hex Nut Dimensions

ASTM F594G Nuts Weight Chart

ASTM F594 Nuts Weight Chart