ASTM F836M stainless steel metric nuts

ASTM F836M Stainless Steel Metric Nuts

What are ASTM F836M stainless steel metric nuts?

The ASTM F836M SS covers standard metric nut specifications. These ASTM F836M Stainless Steel Metric Nuts are designed with nominal thread diameters for M1.6 to M36. These nuts come under martensitic, austenitic, and ferritic grades. The ASTM F836 Thin Nuts have good resistance to corrosion and work in higher temperature environments. These nuts bolster superior strength and outstanding mechanical properties. ASTM F836 Wing Nuts can be heat treated following various procedures to enhance its performance.

ASTM F836m Stainless Steel Metric Nuts Specifications

ASTM F836m Chemical Composition

ASTM F836m Mechanical Properties

ASTM F836m Stainless Steel Metric Nuts Property Class

ASTM F836m Hardness

ASTM F836m Stainless Steel Metric Nuts Dimensions

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What is ASTM F836M material?

The ASTM F836M material covers chemical and mechanical requirements for metric nuts and specifications. ASTM F836M Material covers 17 property classes and can work in an array of corrosive environments.

ASTM F836M stainless steel nuts and heavy hex nuts are used for petrochemical, oil and gas applications

What are the uses of ASTM F836M stainless steel nuts?

The ASTM F836M SS nuts are used to fasten different equipment grades. These ASTM F836M Stainless Steel Nuts are a feature in the automotive, construction, infrastructure, energy, and agricultural sectors.

ASTM F836M nuts, SF836 square nuts and wing nuts are available in M1.6 to M36 metric sizes

How are ASTM F836M nuts sizes measured?

The ASTM F836M nut can be measured by laying across a flat. Place the end of the measuring tape on the ASTM F836M Nuts from the flat side to the outer perimeter. Stretch the tape to measure its nuts diameter to the flat side directly from the one you’re pulling from. Since the SF836 Square Nuts are metric count the number of lines of the tapes to see its measurement. If you count 9 lines, it will be 9mm.

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How do you check torque on a ASME SF836 hex nuts?

The ASME SF836 hex nut torque can be calculated using three common methods. ASME SF836 Hex Nuts torque can be tested on the first movement, loosening, and marking tests.

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Advantages of ASTM F836 heavy hex nuts

The ASTM F836 heavy hex nut has a thicker and wider diameter. These ASTM F836 Heavy Hex Nuts have a greater thread length engagement and superior resistance to stretching or widening. The heavy hex ASME F836 Metal Nut has excellent performance and reliability across harsh environments.