ASTM standard specification

American Society for Testing and Materials assigned an unique ASTM standard to each steel & metal product for quality purpose

ASTM standard specification

What are ASTM standards? How many standards does ASTM have of Industrial piping material?

The ASTM standard is also known as the American Society for Testing and Materials. It is an international standards organization that develops and publishes the voluntary consensus technical standards for various products, systems, materials, and also services. It lists down the detailed requirements of a given product for its safe and quality usage.

ASTM has more than 100 standards for Industrial piping material. They have different standards for steel pipes, tubes, and welded fittings.

ASTM Standard specifications

ASTM Standard Specifications

What is the purpose of ASTM standards?

The ASTM standard is quite crucial when it comes to the evaluation of the material in terms of its chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical properties. It works as a guide for the manufacturers to properly process the application procedures. It basically helps to improve the product quality and make it safer. It helps to improve international standardizations and, thus, facilitates trade.

Check popular ASTM specification of piping material used in Industrial application

How do ASTM standards help in the testing and analysis of industrial piping materials?

The ASTM standard helps in the evaluation and classification of the material. It also helps to indicate its chemical, metallurgical, and mechanical properties. The standards can be used for generating mechanical, industrial, and building components and the extras related to them. All the information described in the standard helps the manufacturer with proper processing. It also acts as a guide for application procedures.