Australian flange

Australian flange

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What is an Australian flange?

Flanges are an important part of the entire piping network as it helps to maintain a swift and hassle-free flow inside the system. An Australian Flange is made following the Australian standards and specifications. They are of different types and made with different material grades. The Stainless steel Australian flanges shows great performance and it is known for its high durability. They have great mechanical and physical properties too. An Australian standard puddle flange, popularly known as leak control flange, is basically a control product which controls the waterproofing system to the plumbing and drainage system. Different types of coatings, like anti-rust paint, zinc, etc., can be applied on the Carbon steel Australian standard table d flanges to enhance its appearance and corrosion resistance properties. The Australian blind flanges can be used in applications like natural gas, oil field, electric power, railways, etc.

Australian flange standards, tolerances, dimensions, weight and specification

Australian Flange Specification

Australian Flange Dimensions

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How much pressure can Australian standard flanges take?

The Australian standard pipe flanges are available within the pressure rating of class 150 to class 2500.

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How is the Australian standard table d flange size measured?

The Australian standard table d flange size ranges from ½ inch to 60 inch. The components used in the measurement would include:

  • Outer and inner diameter of the flange
  • Bolt circle
  • Bolt hole diameter
  • Hub diameter
  • Thickness of the welded end
  • Hub length
  • Bolt hole alignment
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Which testing method is required for as/NZS 4331.1 flange?

The AS/NZS 4331.1 Flange needs to be pressure tested once it is attached to the pipe.

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At what temperature does ASME b16.5 Australian flange get weak?

The ASME b16.5 Australian flange is weak at high temperature, after 353 degrees F.

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