Ball valves

Ball Valves

What are ball valves?

Valves in pipelines are used to control the flow of fluids through the lines. The valves are of different types, shapes, and sizes. Valve sizes range from ½ NPS to 48 NPS and more. The gate valves, globe valves, and Ball valves are used in different situations to control the flow differently. Ball valves use a ball that has openings on both horizontal ends parallel to the pipe. So when the openings are aligned in parallel to the pipe, the valve is open and the flow is direct. When the openings are perpendicular to the axis of the line, the valve is closed and he flow is stopped. Ball valves can be used to regulate the flow between the open and closed positions as well.

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What is the most common application for a ball valve?

Ball valves are used in domestic pipelines and garden waterlines the most. They are easy to operate, regulate the flow, and can be replaced faster in systems with less complicated configurations. The Ball check valve is used in household equipment, and in the oil and gas industries as well. Refrigeration ball valves are used to shut off or open lines in commercial refrigeration operations. The Pneumatic actuated ball valve is controlled by air pressure. There are manual and automatic ball valves as well. The manual valves allow for much human control whereas the automatic valves allow for more valves to be controlled at once without much human time on them.

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How much does it cost to have a ball valve replaced?

Pneumatic ball valve is a slightly higher cost than the other types due to the mode of operation. The valve size, the material grade, and the quality of the valves influence the price of the valve as well. There are different types such as the Three way ball valve and the type of the valve has a say in the price as well. Depending on the type of connection the valve body and the pipeline has, the replacement can be costlier as well. If the valve is connected with jus threads, then it is easy to remove the valve alone and replace it. If the valve is connected by welding, then the piece of pipe that is connected to the valve on both ends has to be cut, a new pipe to be joined, and the valve has to be replaced too.

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How do I choose a ball valve size?

Different types of ball valves such as the Floating ball valve are available for different applications. The size of the valve depends on the flow and the pipeline size. The opening of the valve or the bore of the ball has to match the flow requirements. The valve body has to have an equal inner diameter to the pipe where it is connected. The Motorized ball valve can be used in applications where the valve is closed and opened mechanically with the help of a motor. This is useful when the line has high pressure and the valve is larger.

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Does direction of ball valve matter?

Yes, of course. The Hydraulic ball valve has the setup where it has to be installed upright. Most valves in fact are made to be connected upright. When a body like a valve in the Water ball valve is fitted in a different direction or angle, it tends to accumulate dirt and dust in the line. If they are fitted in the upright position, this risk is eliminated. Also, the valves tend to leak more when they are connected upside down. However, there are times when the Actuated ball valve and other types of ball valves can be fitted in a different angle and direction than intended. Talking of the flow direction, ball valves can be joined either A to B or vice versa direction. Because the only mechanism they have is to align the bore with the pipe. This doesn’t have a specific downline or upline direction.

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How much pressure can a ball valve hold?

It depends; the size, the material, and the standard specifications mandate the pressure capacities of any valve. They range in size from 0.5cm to 121cm. This means the Electric ball valve or other types can have a range of pressure capabilities ranging up to 1000 bars. However, ball valves are not meant for throttling operations. They are meant for opening and shutting down only.

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