Barrel nuts

Barrel nuts

What are barrel nuts?

A barrel nut is a specific kind of fastener that is meant to correspond with powerful bolts and is used to attach items that carry significant weight. These nuts are also known as cross dowel nuts, dowel nuts, and furniture nuts, among other names. It has a perpendicular threaded hole in the centre and is typically cylindrical. It is an excellent alternative for products where details count and where you might need an aesthetically beautiful finish, such as in your home furniture because it works without leaving an exposed nut on one of the edges of the object.

Barrel Nut specifications and dimensions

Barrel Nut Specifications

Barrel Nut Dimensions

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What is a dowel nut?

A dowel nut also called a barrel nut is a unique forged nut that is frequently used in aerospace and ready-to-assemble furniture applications. It is also known as a steel cross dowel or a dowel nut. It is used to fasten smaller, frequently billet or forged parts to larger, thin sheet metal components. The barrel nut is a circular slug or moulded sheet metal component with threads that run parallel to the nut’s length. They are favoured over a typical nut and bolt because they save weight by not requiring the receiving part to have a flange machined or forged onto it.

Cross dowel nut as per ASME, BS, DIN, ISO, UNI, EN standards in Middle East Countries

What is a barrel nut used for?

They are frequently employed in the aerospace sector in applications ranging from control surfaces to wing structures because they create extraordinarily robust joints. In ready-to-assemble furniture that involves the joining of two pieces of wood, they are also used in conjunction with furniture connector bolts to provide a strong connection between wooden panels or beams. This is done to meet the requirements of the furniture industry. There is a possibility, for instance, that bed frames will feature barrel nuts in various locations.

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How do you measure a cross dowel nut?

  • Verify the size of the cross-dowel hole by hand. : Typically, M4 and M5 are 8 mm in diameter, M6 is 10 mm, M8 is 12 mm, and M10 is 16 mm in diameter.
    Other diameters, however, are available according to purposes and manufacturers.
  • Verify the cross dowel’s threading to see if it is in the center or off-center.
  • Measure the threaded hole’s diameter.

Such as: M4 threads are 4 mm in diameter, M5 threads are 5 mm in diameter, M6 threads are 6 mm in diameter, M8 threads are 8 mm in diameter, and M10 threads are 10 mm in diameter.

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How do you install cross dowel barrel nuts?

Following are some installation guidelines that provide an efficient and reliable way to create items and facilitate installation by installing dowel barrel nuts:

  • Thread the bolts into and out of the dowel barrel nuts several times until a tight fit is obtained to ensure a smooth installation.
  • Align the two pieces of wood as desired, then drill a hole for a bolt through one piece and into the other.
  • Put the nut into the bolt hole with the proper screwdriver until the threads on both parts are lined up.
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What is the purpose of threaded barrel nuts?

It is utilized in the process of bolting bigger, typically billet or forged pieces to smaller, sheet metal parts. A barrel nut is a cylindrical slug or a part produced from sheet metal that has threads running in a direction that is perpendicular to the length of the said nut. A conventional bolt is a thread into the barrel nut from the exterior of the sheet metal. The nut is held in place within the forging by a hole that runs through it.