Bellow seal valves

Bellow seal valves

What are bellow seal valves?

Seal valves are used to protect against leakage. Bellow Seal Valves are no different. They are designed to eliminate leakage and are also known as zero leak valves or emission free valves. It is a piping system that is used to safeguard against leakage. The illness or injury caused to the workers or the environment can be reduced by these valves.

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What is a bellow seal globe valve used for?

It is used in various industries where external fluid leakage might affect the performance of the plant and deteriorate the environment as well. This includes plants processing ammonia, phosphorus gas, ethylene, isocyanates, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, LNG, steam, or perhaps heat transfer fluids.

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How do you choose the bellow globe valve?

One should choose the inner diameter of the valve depending on the stem. The inner diameter should be greater than the stem by at least 15mm. The outer diameter is then selected depending on the inner diameter. 113 to 115 is the normal ratio of the inner diameter of the Bellows valve to the outer diameter.

A bellow seal ball valve is a control valve that doesn’t have a conventional gland packing and instead of these valves have a bellow

How long should the bellow seal gate valve last?

These valves have a long operational life and last up to 3000 cycles this is because they are designed in a way to withstand high pressure service. A Plug can be connected above the Bellow seal globe valve to monitor the performance. To increase the life span of these Bellow seal gate valves or reduce the thickness, or increase displacement the thickness of the single layer can be reduced and the number of layers of the valve can be increased.

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How do I know if my bellows valve is leaking?

Mostly the failure or leakage of the valve is associated with the poor quality of the material used. However, that is not the case. It might get corroded due to poor working conditions thus leading to leakage. AN oversized Bellow globe valve, a high inlet pressure drop, or operating too close to the set pressure could be some of the reasons for the valve to fail.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bellow seal ball valves?

Just like any other product these valves also offer a number of advantages along with certain disadvantages that are listed below.


The advantages of these Bellow globe valves include a double sealing design, Zero fluid loss, extra durability, and resistance to friction and corrosion. Moreover, they also offer leak free performance.


The disadvantages of these Bellows gate valves include the cavities around the ball seat that do not make it suitable for the slurry type of application. The thick liquid or slurries tend to clog inside the cavities thus increasing the operational torque.

Bellow seal ball valves after used widely due to their durability, strength and reliability. They are simple quarter turn valve that improves the efficiency of piping and is also easy to install. Ari bellow seal globe valves are widely used in industries such as recycling facilities, vacuum facilities, hot water, heating facilities, gas supply, and purification plant. Bellow sealed stop valves are also said to be cost efficient and have a high efficiency rate.

Bellow type valves should be mostly used in either fully closed or fully open positions. Long-term throttling can damage the valve. Using it in a partially open position might result in the soft seat of the Bellow seal safety valves deforming around the edge of the hole of the ball. This would lock the ball in that position thus rendering the Bellow seal ball valves inoperative.