Beryllium copper plate

beryllium copper plate

What is beryllium copper plate?

The c17200 beryllium copper grade is a mill hardened and heat treatable temper specification. A beryllium copper plate has a chemical composition of beryllium, copper, cobalt, silicon, and aluminum. The plates have superior strength and corrosion resistance properties. The din 2.1247 hot rolled plate is malleable and has good conductivity and stiffness. These plates have a density of 8.25 g/cm3 with a melting point of 866 degrees c. Alloy 25 cold rolled plate has a tensile strength between 1280 to 1480mpa. These plates have a yield strength between 965 to 1205mpa.

The c17200 beryllium copper heat treatment allows it to increase in strength. The plates can be efficiently forged and annealed in temperatures between 774 to 802 degrees c. Asme sb194 ams 4533 coil is used in welding electrodes, bearings, plastic molds, corrosion resistant components, bearings, etc. The beryllium copper c17200 supplier supply the material in different order of sizes and specifications as per customer needs.

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Beryllium Copper Plate Specification

Beryllium Copper Plate Properties

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How toxic is beryllium copper c17200 sheet ?

The beryllium copper c17200 sheets are contained in a finished condition. The finished c17200 beryllium copper sheet doesn’t have any health risks or tolerances.


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What are the c17200 beryllium copper sheet’s top benefits?

The c17200 beryllium copper sheet has good corrosion resistance and good workability. These sheets have good forming, bending, drilling, tapping, and turning operations. The cda 172 beryllium copper slitting coil has excellent wear resistance and superior strength. Furthermore, the equipment has good electrical and magnetic conductivity.


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How much is c17200 beryllium copper sheet worth ?

The price of the copper beryllium c17200 sheet is based on its size, thickness, and material requirements. Beryllium copper c17200 perforated sheet price starts at $43.75 per kg.


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Why are c17200 beryllium copper plate so expensive?

Beryllium copper c17200 requires special attention due to the safety and health issues due to its toxicity to human health. The beryllium copper alloy 25 chequered plate handling and processing are expensive due to environmental controls. Further, few manufacturers produce this material grade. This and the expensive tools used in producing the plate are costly, increasing the price of the final product.


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How do you harden c17200 beryllium copper plate?

The c17200 beryllium copper plate can be solid solution annealed and age hardened to enhance its hardness.


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