Beryllium copper screws

Beryllium Copper Screws

What are beryllium copper screws?

Beryllium copper screw is an age hardened high strength alloy. These Beryllium Copper Screws are employed to securely seal different equipment. These screw are made from primary alloys of copper, cobalt, and beryllium grades. A C17510 Socket Head Cap Screw has good strength and outstanding corrosion resistance properties. These screw help create a permanent or temporary connection in the system. Beryllium Copper Grub Screws have high forming and machining qualities. These screw bolster higher electrical and thermal conductivity, having enhanced ductility. The C17300 Concrete Screws have no magnetic characteristics have good operation qualities.

Beryllium Copper Screws Specifications

Beryllium Copper Screws Properties

UNS C17200 Self Tapping Screws Equivalent

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How are UNS C17200 countersunk screws heat treated?

The heat treatment of countersunk C17200 screws is mainly solid solution annealed or age hardened. These C17200 Countersunk Screw are annealed at temperatures ranging from 774 to 802 degrees C, followed by cooling.

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Why are tensile tests required for C17200 beryllium copper self drilling screws?

The tensile test of the C17200 Beryllium copper self drilling screws determines how it behaves in desired conditions. These C17200 Beryllium Copper Self Drilling Screw determine its limit force to create a secure and reliable connection.

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What is the temperature range for UNS C17200 self tapping screws?

The UNS C17200 self tapping screws works in temperatures between 230 to 260 degrees C. These C17200 Self Tapping Screw have a melting point of 1590 degrees F.

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What are the mechanical properties of C17500 wood screws?

The C17500 wood screws are designed with an ultimate tensile strength between 515 to 585mpa. These C17500 Wood Screws have minimum yield strength of 345mpa and can be elongated at a break of 15%. These screws have a density of 8.75 g/cm3 with a Rockwell B hardness between 79-88 max.

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Advantages and disadvantages of beryllium copper alloy 25 drywall screws

The Beryllium copper drywall screws create a strong connection to resist stress and vibration. These Beryllium Copper Alloy 25 Drywall Screw have superior in different temperatures. They have excellent mechanical properties and bolster good hardness. The AMS4533 Machine Screw have good machinability with good electrical and thermal conductivity. However, the versatile Beryllium Copper Alloy Set Screw are expensive and relatively weaker and wear faster.