Bevel Seat Sanitary Fittings

Bevel Seat Sanitary Fittings

What Is Bevel Seat Sanitary Fittings?

Produced in grades 304 or 316, the components are available in different shapes. It is common to see the sanitary bevel seat fittings used on process equipment and piping. The main function of the fittings is to ensure the rigidity of the system.

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How Are Bevel Seat Fittings Measured?

There are different ways to measure Bevel Seat Tube Fittings because they are available in different shapes. For instance, a tee can be measured by taking the width of its run pipe and the length of its branch pipe along with its inner and outer diameter. An adapter or reducer, on the other hand, a reducer would have both a smaller and outer diameter with its length. Caps would be measured by their length, bore size and outer diameter.

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What Are The Different Types Of Sanitary Bevel Seat Fittings?

Here’s a list of bevel seat sanitary fittings available in the market –

  • Wye
  • Ferrule
  • Cap
  • Adapter
  • Elbow
  • Crosses
  • Tees
  • Reducers

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Application Of Bevel Seat Union Fittings

Sanitary Bevel Seat Short Plain Welding Ferrule is usually used in sectors like food, dairy, beverages, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals because they are safe and they tend not to react to the chemicals involved in the processing of these applications.

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Advantages of Sanitary Bevel Seat End Fitting

Sanitary Bevel Seat End Fitting has good resistance to corrosion, especially to caustic soda. It can withstand mild oxidizing and reducing environments. These are versatile and form leak-proof connections that can be used in both high and cryogenic temperatures without loss in impact strength.

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Does Sanitary Long Threaded Bevel Seat Ferrules Rust?

A reason why grade 316 stainless steel works well as sanitary fittings is that the metal has great resistance to harsh caustic chemicals. Unlike other metals that would get eaten up by corrosive chemicals, Sanitary Long Threaded Bevel Seat Ferrules exhibit corrosion resistance properties far greater than alloy 304. It has resistance to oxidation at a moderate level and can resist getting corroded by seawater. However, it is not advised to use this alloy beyond 1700oF, because at such high temperatures, it loses its strength and gets oxidized causing it to eventually rust.