Bimetallic Lugs

Bimetallic Lugs

What are bimetallic lugs?

Lugs constructed using copper palm and aluminum barrel, used for terminating aluminum conductors onto copper bus bars are known as Bimetallic lugs. They are found in switchgear, control panel, etc. They have a long service life and show good resistance to corrosion. They can make the process of installing, repairing, and maintaining the electric devices simple. The Bi metal cable lug is mostly used when the cables made of aluminum need to be terminated to the copper contact. They are a safe and affordable choice. These lugs are found in various electrical equipment like control panels, combiner boxes in the Solar Panels, switchgear, etc.

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why we use bimetallic lugs?

If aluminum cable comes in contact with copper lug, that can lead to dissimilar metal corrosion or galvanic action. This can be prevented by using Bimetallic cable lugs, which can also help to achieve a durable and technically sound joint.

Bimetallic cable lugs and Bimetal terminal lug prevent galvanic action due to dissimilar contacts

bimetallic lugs advantages

The benefits of Bi metal lugs connectors are:

  • They are known for their enhanced adaptability.
  • They come with smooth edges and thus the conductors can enter with ease.
  • It is safe and known for its high graded usage. It is also very affordable.
  • It has an economical construction and is capable of resisting corrosion and oxidation.
  • They have exceptional durability and dielectric strength.

Bimetallic lugs pin type and reverse bimetallic lugs are primarily used when a copper bus bar is connected to an aluminium cable

How do you crimp a bimetal lug?

In order to crimp a Bimetal terminal lug, a good quality hydraulic crimper can be used.

Bi Metallic Terminal Lugs and Bi metal lugs connectors are suitable for connecting LV, MV and HV stranded aluminium conductor cables

Can I use aluminum-copper bimetallic lugs on copper wire?

Yes, the Bi Metallic Inline Connectors can be used with copper wire.

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How long does a bimetal terminal lug crimp last?

With proper usage and maintenance, the Bi Metallic Terminal Lugs have a long service life.