Bimetallic steam traps

Bimetallic steam traps

What are bimetallic steam traps?

There are various types of steam traps available in the market today. One amongst these is Bimetallic steam traps.

These traps open or close the valve using the deformation of the bimetallic element. Some of these traps can have their temperature controlled by the operators. Whereas, some others Bimetallic traps are designed to operate at a particular temperature.

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How does a bimetallic steam trap work?

Well!! It works on the same principle as the other steam traps using steam. However, the energy that it uses to open and close the valve is derived from the deformation of the bimetallic element. Bimetallic thermostatic steam trap is able to save energy in applications that use sensible heat by discharging sub-coolant. It is available in a size range of ΒΌ inches to 4 inches.

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What causes the bimetallic trap to fail?

If the discharge temperature is near or equal to the saturation point of steam then it is bound to fail. Moreover, it can also fail due to the deposition of dirt. Bi metal steam trap can resist corrosive condensation and can also withstand water hammers.

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What is the working principle of a bimetallic thermostatic steam trap?

When the heat is transferred to the liquid in the capsule the liquid vaporizes before the steam is trapped. The valve is therefore shut automatically when the capsule expands due to vapour pressurizing it. The thermodynamic bimetallic steam trap can be used to discharge at low temperatures. It is fully open when it is cold and can give good air discharge and maximum condensing capacity when started. Sh 4000 series bimetallic steam traps can be used in low pressure superheated steam. It is also able to withstand water hammering and vibrating conditions.

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Can air pass through bi metal steam trap?

Though, these traps are compact. The valve is wide open when the steam is passing is cold. This enables it to provide maximum condensed discharge capacity when started. Therefore, giving the Steam trap bimetallic type a good air venting capacity.

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Why thermodynamic bimetallic steam trap is required?

These traps are required in applications where freezing takes place. Since they are designed in a way that ensures that damage does not occur even in freezing conditions. These elements can work on a wide range of pressure generated by steam without the need for a change in the size of the valve. Their characteristic is based on the two metals that are used and have different expansion rate. The maintenance of these Stainless steel bimetallic steam traps is very easy as they can be replaced without removing the body from the trap.

Cast steel bimetallic thermostatic steam traps should not be used in an application that requires immediate cleaning of steam space since it traps condensate discharged at 100 degrees or below. Temperature operated bimetallic trap requires the piping to be well insulated before being used in a freezing condition. Another disadvantage of these traps is that it has flexible tubing that can be destroyed by superheating or corrosion.`