Bleed ring flange

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Bleed Ring Flange

What is a Bleed Ring Flange?

Bleed ring is basically a ring section which comes with one or more radial pipe connections. The Bleed Ring Flange is designed for fitting between standard flanges within the bolt circle. The Bleed Rings For Flanges use the conventional gasket material. It comes with either a ½ inch socket weld ¾ inch tapped for connecting with various valves and piping equipment. The 2 Bleed Ring has got its name as it allows bleeding pressure or other sensors to a piping system. The Class 150 Bleed Ring can prove to be a great way for draining pipes or attaching instruments or even valve bleeding. The Class 150 Bleed Ring comes in different material or size, and it is perfectly designed for connecting different valves and instruments. It is available in standard sizes of NPS 1 to NPS 24, and pressure classes 150 through 1500.

Bleed Ring Flange dimensions, weight chart, standard, material, and specification

Bleed Ring Flange Specification

Bleed Ring Flange Material

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Advantages & disadvantages of Asme B31.3 Bleed Ring Flange

The Asme B31.3 Bleed Ring Flange is easy to install and quite economical. They are very useful in various brownfield operations. It helps to replace leaky valves in a piping system.

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Drip Rings material temperature range

The Drip Rings material temperature range is between -200 degrees C to 250 degrees C.

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What is the purpose of Carbon Steel Bleed Ring?

The main purpose of the Carbon Steel Bleed Ring is to drain excess liquid through a valve. It helps to reduce the effects of corrosion in the steel pipes.

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Production Method of Drip Rings

The Drip Ring Flange can be made by sandwiching the calibration ring in between the remote seal and the blank process flange.