October 11, 2023
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Steel consumption by country

Top 25 countries importing steel from India

The numbers and facts displayed are accurate up to the recent data of 2022 year published by Trading Economics and United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

Countries Total iron and steel imports in US$ Iron and Steel import from India in US$
Italy US$34.33 billion US$2.28 billion
US US$44.93 billion US$1.16 billion
Turkey US$28.37 billion US$1.05 billion
Germany US$39.49 billion US$477.21 million
Egypt US$4.28 billion US$442.03 million
South Korea US$18.94 billion US$410.14 million
UK 371.84 GBP million US$383.80 million
Canada US$ 11.09 billion US$273.74 million
Belgium US$11.84 billion US$248.69 million
Netherlands US$13.28 billion US$226.87 million
Brazil US$4.73 billion US$202.47 million
Russia US$1.5 billion US$160.42 million
Australia US$2.49 billion US$77.6 million
Denmark US$3.71 billion US$74.75 million
France US$17.3 billion US$73.21 million
South Africa US$1.81 billion US$68.70 million
Philippines US$5.23 billion US$50.78 million
Sweden US$6.38 billion US$25.75 million
Austria US$6.98 billion US$25.62 million
Norway US$ 1.18 billion US$22.29 million
Finland US$4.18 billion US$21.62 million
Slovakia US$4.03 billion US$20.38 million
Lithuania US$1.44 billion US$3.50 million
Gorgia US$429.12 million US$274.32k
Kazakhstan US$1.79 billion US$244.92k

The above are the leading countries who buy steel from India.


India steel export value in 2022 and 2023.

Export steel value Year Source
US$ 13 billion 2023 Statista
US$15.2 billion 2022 United Nation COMTRADE data based on international trade

Here is the breakdown of iron and steel products that had a major dominance in the exporting value of iron and steel from India in 2019, data by Statista.

Products Value exported from India in 2019 in US$
Flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron US$ 2,578 million
Ferro alloys US$ 1,844 million
Semi-finished products of non alloy steel or iron US$ 1,146 million
Flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron US$ 840 million
Other rods and bars of stainless steel US$ 832 million
Flat rolled materials of stainless steel US$446 million
flat rolled materials of non alloy or iron steel US$351 million
Wire of stainless steel US$ 291 million
ferrous products obtained by direct reduction of Iron Ore US$ 245 million
Rods and bars US$ 195 million

Growth rate increased of the following steel importing countries from India from 2018 to 2020.

Country Growth rate Steel imports value in US$
China 1400% 524 million
Vietnam 700% 183 million

In August 2021 according to OEC, India exported US$ 457 million SS wire and became the largest exporter.
List of countries where India exported SS wire (2021)

Countries Value in US$ million
United states 87.6
Netherlands 63.1
Germany 39.2
France 31.8
Turkey 28.5

India exporting value of stainless steel wiresList of steel importers by country 2022

Where does Europe import steel from?

Import value of finished steel products, according to Statista (2022)

Country Steel quantity Europe imported in million metric tons
Turkey 423
India 292
South Korea 261
China 233
Taiwan 191

List of countries exporting steel products to Europe in 2023 (as per the

Countries Products Import value in thousand tons and growth rate y/y
Lithuania Imports of scrap metal 15.3 tons (-10.4% y/y)
Slovakia Iron ore 163.5(-64.7% y/y)
Netherlands Ferroalloys 26.2( -74.3 y/y)
Italy Pig iron 636.6 (+5.8% y/y)

This data is latest, as per the 2023 statistics.

Countries Importing scrap metalEuropean Union countries increased its steel imports from India

Where does Germany import steel from?

In 2021, according OEC statistics, Germany with $34 billion was the third largest importer of steel products in the world.

Below listed are the countries exporting steel products to Germany in 2021

Countries Steel products exported in US$ billion
Italy 4.67
Belgium 3.74
Netherlands 4.08
France 4.01
Austria 2.73

Where does Germany buy steel fromWhere does Italy buy steel from?

In 2018, according to Global Steel Trade, Italy imported 4.3 million metric tonnes of steel.
Other regions exporting steel to Italy in 2018

Region Steel import value in million metric ton
Ukraine 0.7
Romania 0.59
Germany 0.58
France 0.56
India 0.4

Where does Italy import steel fromBelow graphs in based on United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade in 2022-2023, export value of steel from India to Italy.

India to Italy export products and value in USD million dollarsWho is the biggest steel importer?

Leading steel importers globally by country

US has emerged as the largest steel importers in 2022 according to AISI report.

Year Steel imports
2023 16.79 million tons
2022 21.7 million metric tons
2021 31,476,000 net tons

US finished steel imports rose by 11% in 2022 according to Data by AISI.

Products Percentage increased in import value in 2022 in December
Line pipe Up by 73%
Ingots, billets and slabs Up by 36%
Sheets, strip and other metallic coatings Up by 30%
Sheets and strip of hot dipped galvanized Up by 26%

USA imports of rolled steel products decreased by the following percentage.

Decreased in the value import of rolled steel products Year
By 14.9% 2022


Down below you can see the amount of steel products which have been imported in largest volume in US market in 2022.

Product Import volumes in USA
Semi-finished (slabs and billets) 3.54 million tons (+6.3% y/y)
Galvanized sheets and strips 1.11 million tons (-32% y/y)
Hot-rolled sheets 1 million t (-28.5% y/y)

In 2023 June, an increase of 20.3% in the steel imports to the United States was seen compared to previous month 2.79 million tons.

The import volume of rolled steel was 1.99 million tons which makes up 6.4% growth month on month.

List of three largest suppliers of steel in the US market

Countries Exporting value of steel to US in million tons with y/y growth rate
Canada 3.64 (+1.8% y/y)
Mexico 2.32 ( -21.3% y/y)
Brazil 1.55 (+33.5% y/y)

Who is the biggest steel importerIn April 2022, statistics by American iron and steel institute (AISI) and Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA) data, states that the steel import constitute grand total of 2,292,000 NT in 2022.

Countries importing steel to US market in 2023:

Country Steel imports to US market
Canada 575,000 NT down by 13%
Mexico 340,000 NT down by 22%
South Korea 179, 000 down by 4%
Japan 119,000 NT up by 1%
China 114,000 NT up by 98%

January to April 2023, listed down are the countries importing steel to US market as per the records of AISI (American iron and steel institute) and SIMA (Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis) data.

Country Steel import value to US
Canada 2,366,000 NT up by 2%
Mexico 1,613,000 NT down by 17%
Brazil 1,324,000 NT up by 8%

As per the records of AISI (American iron and steel institute) and SIMA (Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis) data on various steel products that was imported to US in 2023 during March-April.

Products Value of imported steel products to US market
Reinforcing bars up by 63%
Hot rolled bar up by 60%
Shapes with heavy structure up by 57%
Cold finish bars up by 22%
Wire drawn up by 11%

There is wide range of stainless steel products are being heavily exported and imported throughout the globe which includes:

  • Pipes
  • Tubes
  • Plates
  • Coils
  • Sheets,
  • Pipe fittings
  • Flanges
  • Fasteners such as bolts and nuts
  • Compression fittings
  • Industrial valves
  • Sanitary fittings

What is the biggest market for steel?

Based on the actual data we have analyzed the biggest steel importers in the world

Steel is the most demanded alloys and can be produced in various types, shapes and sizes hence used in various industrial sectors.

As stated by the IMARC group experts the overall size for the biggest market for steel is:

Steel market size value Year wise growth
US$ 907 Billion 2022
Expected to reach US$ 1,077 billion From 2023-2028 with the current CAGR growth rate of 2.8%

Biggest steel utilizing industries:

  • Construction which accounts for over 50% of the overall worlds steel usage.
  • Aerospace applications
  • Shipbuilding industries
  • Infrastructural projects
  • Energy industries
  • Precision instruments and machinery
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Transportation and automotive
  • Domestic and mechanical

Other steel products dominating the industrial market:

  • Flat steel such as plates, sheets, coils and seamless pipes
  • Long steel includes wires, rods, bars and welded pipes
  • Bright steel
  • Structural steel
  • Prestressing steel
  • Iron steel wire
  • Ropes
  • Braids
  • Welding wire and rod

Steel market size according to region, data by IMARC group experts:

Region Countries
North America United States and Canada
Asia-Pacific China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia and many more
Europe Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and others
Latin America Mexico, Brazil and others
Middle East and Africa

This ultimately states that the Asia pacific region has the largest steel market size while North America is the fastest growing market with CAGR of 3%.

According to the recent 2019 Global Steel Report, this blow graph displays the steel production by region:

What is the biggest market for steelWhere does Spain import steel from?

In 2021, Spain imported steel from Ukraine which comprises a total of 39% share of the overall imports.

According to the recent data by Trend Economy top countries supplying steel to Spain in 2022 are:

Country Export percentage share Value in US$
France 18% 2.58 billion
Germany 11.4% 1.63 billion
Italy 7.63% 1.09 billion
Portugal 7.02% 1 billion
Turkey 5.66% 813 million
Other Asia 4.2% 604 million
Netherlands 4.1% 589 million
United Kingdom 3.87% 555 million
China 3.51% 504 million
India 3.44% 494 million

Where does Spain import steel fromValue of Steel products imported to Spain based on Trend Economy:

Products Percentage import In US$
Flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron, hot rolled, not clad, coated or plated 20% 2.95 billion US$
Flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron, clad,  coated or plated 18.3% 2.63 billion US$
Ferrous waste and scrap; remelting scrap ingots of iron and steel 11% 1.59 billion US$
Flat rolled materials of other steel 8.76% 1.25 billion US$
Ferro-alloys 6.69% 960 million US$
Flat rolled materials of stainless steel 5.97% 857 million US$
Flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron, cold rolled (cold reduced), not clad, coated or plated 3.7% 531 million US$
Rods and bars, hot rolled, in irregular wounded coils of non-alloy steel or iron 3.55% 510 million US$
Semi-finished products of non alloy steel or iron 3.24% 466 million US$
Other rods and bars, hot extruded or hot drawn including twisted followed by rolling 2.7% 388 million US$

Where does Russia import steel from?

Russia imported $5.92 billion steel in 2021 a per Annual International Trade Statistics.

Russia imports steel from the following countries:

Country Steel export percentage share
2022 Value in US$
Kazakhstan 31% US$1.5 billion 1.84 billion
Ukraine 17.3% 1.03 billion
China 17.3% US$1 million 1.03 billion
Korea 5.05% 299 million
Belarus 4.85% 287 million
India 3.25% 192 million
Germany 2.9% 176 million
Georgia 2.67% 158 million
Brazil 1.33% 79 million
Belgium 1.26% 75 million

Iron and steel imports to Russia in 2022 fell to 3.5 billion US$ in 2022 which is 41% less from 2021.

Where does Russia import steel fromSteel products imported to Russia in the year 2021 by Annual International Trade Statistics.

Products Percentage value of steel imports shared Value in US$
Flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron, clad, coated or plated 20% for 1.21 billion US$
Flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron, not clad, coated or plated 18% 1.07 billion US$
flat rolled materials of stainless steel 14.4% 853 million US$
ferro-alloys 8.43% 494 US$
flat rolled materials of non alloy steel or iron, cold-rolled, not clad, coated or plated 7.65% 453 US$
Flat rolled materials of other alloy steel 5.35% 317 million US$
Ferrous waste and scrap; remelting scrap ingots of steel 5.21% 309 million US$
Angles, shapes and sections of non alloy steel 3.78% 224 million US$
Rods and bars of stainless steel; shapes, angles and sections of stainless steel 1.98% 117 million US$

Where does Egypt import steel from?

In 2021, Ukraine was the biggest exporter of iron and steel products to Egypt with 87% of total imports as per report of INDEXBOX. According Trading Economics, Egypt imported US$4.28 billion of iron and steel products in 2022.

Egypt imports steel from following countries

Countries Products
Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Tunisia and Belgium Non alloy steel or iron products
Russia and United Arab Emirates semi-finished products of non alloy steel or iron
China, Italy, Spain and India stainless steel in ingots or various primary forms and semi-finished products
India, Turkey, Vietnam, China and Brazil slag sand of iron or steel

Where does US import most steel?

Top 10 countries from where US import most steel ( by World’s Top Export 2022)

Country Percentage value of steel Value in billion US$
China 16.6% 17.6
Canada 14.8% 15.7
Mexico 13.1% 13.9
Taiwan 6.5% 6.9
South Korea 6.2% 6.6
Brazil 4.4% 4.7
India 4.4% 4.6
Germany 3.5% 3.7
Japan 3.2% 3.4
Vietnam 2.5% 2.6

Where does US imports most steel fromFastest growing countries among all iron and steel suppliers to US

Countries Percentage growth
India 178%
Vietnam 97.2%
Mexico 86%
South Korea 74.1%

What country consumes the most steel?

The Asian industrial giant China consumes the most steel followed by other countries

  • EU
  • US
  • India
  • Japan
  • South Korea

According to recent reports by World Steel Association and Short Range Outlook (SRO) top 10 countries with highest steel consumption in 2023 includes:

Countries Steel consuming in million tones
China 914 million tones
India 120 million tones
United states 101 million tones
Japan 59 million tones
South Korea 55 million tones
Russia 37 million tones
Turkey 33 million tones
Germany 32 million tones
Italy 25 million tones
Brazil 25 million tones

Estimated statistics of finished steel industrial products globally by 2023

Countries Value in million metric tons
Asia and Oceania 1,284.6
Europe 196.7
USMCA 140.9
Middle East 52.9
CIS 49.5
Central and South America 48.2
Africa 41.9

List of countries purchasing maximum steel pipes and tubes

In 2021 according to OEC, following countries are the major importers of stainless steel, welded, pipes and tubes

Countries Importing value in $ million
Germany 524
United States 438
Poland 232
France 210
India 158

Top 5 importers of stainless steel sheet

Know which countries import steel fasteners, fittings, plates, flanges, pipes and tubes from India

Listed below are the biggest countries importing stainless steel hot rolled sheet as per OEC

Countries Importing value in $ million
Vietnam 63.8
Germany 31.8
Thailand 22.3
India 19.2
Mexico 17.6

Top 5 countries importing nickel alloy bars, rods and profiles

In 2101 as per OEC, following are the countries importing nickel alloy, bars, rods and profiles.

Countries Importing value in $ million
China 205
United Kingdom 144
United States 143
Germany 143
Mexico 99.5

List of countries importing nickel alloy plates and sheets

In 2021 as per OEC, listed below are the countries importing nickel alloy plates, sheet, strip and foil

Countries Importing value in $ million
China 239
United States 107
Germany 87.3
India 87.1
Italy 85.6

List of countries purchasing nickel alloy tubing and pipes

In 2021, according to OEC listed below are the countries importing nickel alloy tubing and pipes in largest quantities.

Countries Importing value in $ million
United states 127
China 82
Germany 69.6
France 62.3
South Korea 31

Top importers of nickel alloy pipe fittings globally

In 2021, according to OEC, following are the countries importing nickel alloy pipe fittings

Countries Importing value in $ million
United states 36.1
China 8.03
France 7.81
Singapore 6.43
Mexico 6.04

Top importers of bars and rods

In 2021, listed below are the major countries importing bars and rods, stainless steel, hot rolled and coiled.

Countries Importing value in $ million
Italy 368
Germany 282
China 238
Thailand 184
South Korea 178

Top 5 countries importing stainless steel scrap

In 2021, as per OEC, listed below are the countries importing stainless steel scrap or waste

Countries Import value
India $1.82 billion
Belgium $1.44 billion
Finland $1.24 billion
Germany $658 million (0.65 billion)
Netherlands $516 million (0.51 billion)

Top 10 countries importing fasteners

Fasteners : screws, bolts, nuts, coach screws, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotter-pins, washers of iron or steel

In 2022 according to Trend Economy, below listed are the top fasteners importing countries

Countries Import value in $ billion
USA 8.53
Germany 5.09
Mexico 3.62
China 2.85
Canada 1.98
France 1.95
United Kingdom 1.54
Italy 1.39
Poland 1.32
Netherlands 1.27

Top 25 countries importing fittings and flanges

Countries Imports value in 1000USD
European Union 283,875.00
Germany 148,087.62
US 118,162.95
Japan 85,353.51
China 83,304.43
Mexico 72,277.06
Netherlands 68,607.06
France 59,521.76
Korea rep. 56,904.09
UK 47,025.31
Italy 46,466.45
Czech Republic 40,681.13
Denmark 36,879.55
UAE 30,859.64
Canda 30,588.26
Saudi Arabia 28,932.78
Sweden 28,207.79
Singapore 27,247.74
Spain 25,876.37
Russian federation 25,350.38
Thailand 24,295.11
Switzerland 22,924.63
Norway 22,507.04
Belgium 21,891.86
Austria 21,721.78

The mentioned all the industrial facts and data are totally accurate and bridged from verified and credible sources listed down.

  • Trading Economy
  • United Nation COMTRADE data base on international trade
  • World Steel Association (world steel) Short Range Outlook (SRO)
  • World’s Top Export
  • Trend Economy
  • Annual International Trade Statistics
  • IMARC group experts
  • OEC statistics
  • Data Eurostat
  • Steel Mint
  • American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and many others