October 4, 2023
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Top 9 advantages of Hastelloy C276 materialA nickel, chromium and molybdenum based material, that is destined to address welding concerns is Hastelloy C276. This is mainly because one can perform welding process very easily, and they can be easily formed. High ductility is also shown. Other than this, because it has higher contents of chromium, nickel and molybdenum, they offer superior corrosion resistance.

1. Hastelloy C276 hardness

When hardness is taken as an advantageous factor, below is the table which comprises hardness for C276 Hastelloy.

Type Rockwell hardness Brinell hardness Hardness Rockwell c (HRBW)
Alloy C276 Sheet 90RB 230HB 88
Hastello C276 Plate 87RB 230HB 88

2. Hastelloy C276 density

Below comprises the associated density for Hastealloy. This data is revealed when exposed to temperature conditions of 72°F; with the melting point ranging between 2415-2500°F.

Property Temperature in °F Units Units in metric
C276 Hastello Density 72 RT 0.321 lb/in3 RT 8.89 g/cm3

3. Hastelloy C276 allowable stress

When one considers stress factor for ideal use case, make sure to first check out for below mentioned data for alloy C276.

Non-exceeded temperatures (°F)

Max permissible stress

(in psi, excluding boiling)

Including boiling
1300 3500 1600
1200 6000 3500
1100 13000 6000
1000 17000 6600
900 18000 6800
800 18000 7000
700 19000 7200
600 20000 7500
500 20000 7700
400 21000 8000
300 23000 8600
200 24000 9300
100 25000 10000

4. Alloy C276 weldability

Hastelloy C276 weldabilityBecause there are two major concerning elements: Mo and W, in the chemical composition, you can easily weld Nickel alloy C276. This is in-fact considered to be one of the most advantageous factors for ideal use case.

With the conventional and modern welding methods, one can easily weld this material grade with the help of PLASMA, GTAW, GMAW and SMAW welding methods. It involves the below mentioned alloy C276 welding procedure:

  • Before welding, it does not require any post weld heat treatment.
  • After this, removal of heat tint is essential, making the surface area not requiring pickling.
  • GTAW pulse technique is widely recommended for use case only when you prefer welding with both filler metal or non-filler metal.
  • But when filler metals are joint, choosing appropriate filler metal becomes very important. Ideally, higher Mo content based filler metals are used for this purpose. Hence, the most popular choice considered is ERNiCrMo-10 and ERNiCrMo-4. This is because higher contents of Mo keeps a check on deficient or less Mo contents in dendrite arm spacing. This also does not provide any corrosion resistance scenarios, when exposed to seawater

5. Machining Hastelloy C276

Another advantage comes from exhibiting excellent Hastelloy C276 machinability. Adding to this, one can machine it in the conditions which are annealing.

  • The Hastelloy C276 cutting speed are required to be low. This is because is prone to be work-hardening.
  • Another factor to be kept in mind is that the engagement of this cutting tool must be with respective to all items.
  • Most importantly, for exhibiting good machining, it is also essential to ensure adequate depth of cuts for Hastelloy C276 drilling speeds and feeds. This is done to avoid association or contacting with the work-hardening zone that was formed previously.

6. Resistance to oxidation and non-oxidizing acids

Hastelloy c276 corrosion resistance to acidsNot only Inconel C276 offers excellent resistance to general corrosion, but it also offers resistance from oxidation and other non-oxidizing acids. This is one of the prominent advantages, when put for ideal use case.

Condition type Description
Alloy C276 for seawater When dealing with marine applications or piping systems, they require a material that can withstand extreme pressure conditions and resist oxidation and aqueous corrosions.
Nickel alloy C276 compatibility with sulfuric acid Excellent resistance to acids which are non-oxidizing such as sulphuric acids
Hastelloy C276 chloride resistance It is also a good resistant to chloride gas, solutions of chlorine dioxides and even hypochlorite
Alloy C276 galvanic corrosion Since it has excellent properties inherited to provide resistance to both oxidizing and reducing environments, it is demanded by many industrial standards
Inconel C276 in caustic service Pure caustic conditions, where this grade is demanded most favourable to deliver non-degraded performance
Hastelloy C276 cryogenic Because of high contents of nickel, chromium and molybdenum it is suitable for cryogenic applications. Hence, it is widely suggested for industrial standards to use it
C276 resistance to hydrochloric acid When exposed to room temperatures or up to 120°F, it shows excellent resistance at this temperature to hydrochloric acids.

7. Hastelloy C276 stress corrosion cracking

Because they comprise higher contents of nickel, chromium and molybdenum, Hasteloy C276 offers not only general corrosion resistance, but also offers resistance from stress corrosion cracking. This property is delivered because of the addition of tungsten in chemical mixture. This is another benefit for covering wide range of industrial standards.

8. Alloy C276 material heat treatment

For delivering excellent properties, C276 Hastealloy can be solution heat treated. For this, 2050°F is the suitable temperature conditions. It is then quenched rapidly.

Very important factor to be kept in mind that prior to installation or final fabrication, the hot-formed parts must be then solution-heat treated.

9. Nickel alloy C276 thermal conductivity

This is another advantage of Hastelloy C276 material. Below comprises the associated tabular data, which every user is requested to go through it once. This would provide a clear picture about the product accordingly.

Units (in W/m-k) Temperature (in °F)
28.1 2000
26.7 1800
24.9 1600
22.9 1400
20.9 1200
19 1000
16.9 800
15 600
13 400
11.1 200
10.2 100
9.4 0
8.6 -100
7.2 -270

Here, W/m-k refers to the metric units, at each temperature.

Other useful & technical data about Alloy C276 material

Hastelloy C276 minimum temperature limits/ low temperature limits

The suitable temperature conditions for working with alloy C276 material ranges between 870-1230°C. But this temperature condition is required for the process of hot forming.

Hastelloy C276 maximum temperature

When put for ideal use case, it is seen that C276 Inconel can be operated up to 1900°F temperature conditions. But still at this temperature, it offers excellent operations in most of the oxidizing environments that are strong; such as nitric acids (hot and concentric)

Hastelloy C276 modulus of elasticity

Below comprises elasticity module for C276 Hastaloy, which customers can check out for getting a brief idea.

Type Heat treating condition Testing temperature (°F) Elasticity modulus (psi)
Plates 2050°F, with rapid quenching 1000 25.5
800 26.4
600 27.3
400 28.3
Room temperature 29.8

Hastelloy C276 chemical composition

The chemical composition of C276 alloy offers wide range of benefits for industrial applications. Below comprises the data for the same.

Components Component percentage
Mo (Molybdenum) 15-17
Ni (Nickel) 57
Cr (Chromium) 14.5-16.5
W (Tungsten) 3-4.50
Fe (Iron) 4-7
V (Vanadium) 0.35
Mn (Manganese) 1
P (Phosphorous) 0.025
S (Sulphur) 0.010
Si (Silicon) 0.080
C (Carbon) 0.010
Co (Cobalt) 2.50

Hastelloy C276 mechanical properties

Excellent mechanical properties are provided by C276 material at elevated temperature conditions. Reflecting upon this, below comprises data for the same.

Mechanical properties Units (in MPa)
Tensile strength: at 1000°F, with 4.8-25.4 thickness. 601.2
Hardness 87
Yield strength: offset of 0.2% and 2.40mm thickness at 427°C, thickness of 0.0945 at 801°F 204.8
Break elongation: at 1.6-4.7mm thickness and for 50.8mm at 204°C, and for thickness range 0.0630-0.185 in 399°F 56%
Melting point 2415-2500°F
Modulus of elasticity 205 GPa

Hastelloy C276 alternative material

Non-availability of Inconel alloy C276 material makes a customer to look out for an alternative material.

The alternative for the same is alloy C22. There are other alternatives too, but this one just wins the race. This is because they offer exception resistance to many corrosive environments; where the environment is also aggressive.

Applications of Hastelloy C276

Applications of Hastelloy C276Because of the large scale benefits that are offered by C276 Hastealloy material, it covers wide range of applications.

Uses and applications

  • Because of high temperature tolerance, used in oil and gas industries.
  • Chemical processing equipment.
  • Generation of power.

Is Hastelloy C276 nace compliant

Because it offers prominent and exceptional resistance to many aggressive corrosive environments and that it also resists stress-corrosion cracking, C276 Inconel alloy is certified for services of oil and gas; as per NACE MR0175.

Alloy C276 Comparison with other alloys

Hastelloy C276 Alloy C22 Duplex Alloy 20
Price Per kg in India
(Sheet/ Plate)
US $52/kg US $58/kg US $5.70/kg US $21/kg
Molybdenum content percentage 15-17% 13% 3% 2-3%
Max Temperature Limit Up to 1800°F, for delivering good oxidation resistance Less than 1250°F, to avoid embrittling formation Restricted up to 250°C temperature, to avoid embrittlement formation Ideal for use case up to 930°F
Nickel content percentage 57% 56% 5-6% 32-38%
Chromium content percentage 14.5-16.5% 22% 22% 19-21%
UNS UNS N10276 UNS N06022 UNS S31803/2205 UNS N08020
WNR. 2.4819 WNR 2.4602 1.4462 2.4660


Inconel 625 SS316 Titanium
Price Per kg in India
(Sheet/ Plate)
US $48/kg US $5.30/kg US $28/kg (Gr2)
Time to Cracking Within 1008 hours, no cracking visible Within 576 hours, no cracking visible Within 1000 hours, no cracking visible
Max Temperature Limit Up to 1800°F, for resisting oxidation and aqueous corrosions Up to 870°C Operational up to 600°C
Nickel content percentage 61% 10% 55%
Chromium content percentage 22% 16% 6%
UNS UNS N06625 UNS S31600 For grade 1 (UNS R50250), grade2(UNS R50400) grade 3(UNS R50500) and for grade 4(UNS R50700)
WNR. 2.4865 1.4401 3.7165


SS316L Super Duplex Monel 400 Hastelloy X
Price Per kg in India
(Sheet/ Plate)
US $4.30/kg US $8.20/kg US $43/kg US $72/kg
Molybdenum content percentage 2-3% 5% Not present 8-10%
Max Temperature Limit 925°C (@ continuous service conditions) Between -58-572°F Ideal for use case up to 1000°F. Offers oxidation resistance up top 2200°F.
Nickel content percentage 10% 3.5-8% remainder Not present
Chromium content percentage 16% 25% Not present 20.5-23%
UNS UNS S31603/S31600 UNS S32750 UNS N04400 UNS N06002
WNR. 1.4404 1.4410 2.4360 / 2.4361 2.4665

Hastelloy c276 equivalent material

DIN equivalent DIN 2.4819
UNS UNS N10276

Hastelloy C276 cast equivalent (CW-12MW)

UNS UNS N30002
DIN 2.4686 GNiMo17Cr

Hastelloy C276 ASTM Standard

  • ASTM B622 (seamless)
  • ASTM B619 (welded)
Fittings (B/W) ASTM B366
Tubes ASTM B622 Fittings (Forged) & Flanges ASTM B564
Plates ASTM B575/ ASTM B906 Fasteners ASTM B574
Bars/ Rods ASTM B574 Wires ASTM B574