Boiler steel plates

boiler steel plates

What are boiler steel plates ?

Boiler steel is a high strength rolled plate designed to operate structural materials. The boiler steel plates are employed to work in low as well as high temperature and pressure conditions. The versatile bq plates can be employed to transport liquids and gaseous substances across different conditions.

These plates have outstanding strength and toughness. A boiler quality plate has good mechanical properties and is very robust in its functionality. The plates are designed in sizes between 5mm to 65mm. The boiler quality plates suppliers in India supply the grades in normalized rolled, thermomechanical rolled, quenched, or tempered conditions.

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Boiler Steel Plates Specification

Boiler Steel Plates Properties

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What are boiler steel plate grades?

The boiler steel plates cover different grades. The most common boiler steel plates are asme sa516 gr 55, 60, 65, or 70 and en 10028 p265gh.


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Which are the equivalent grade of boiler steel plates ?

The boiler steel grade is a heat resistant grade that is delivered by international and national standards. Standard boiler plate equivalent grades are en 10028 (in seven parts), bs 1501, asme sa202, astm a203, and gost 5520.


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How much thickness of bq plates ?

The bq plates are designed to handle media in higher pressure and temperature conditions. Boiler quality plates are employed to work in thicknesses up to 15000mm max.


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What is the notch toughness of boiler quality plate?

Boiler plates are intended for use in a welded pressure vessel. The plates require excellent notch toughness. The notch toughness is defined by the charpy v notch energy. This helps indicate the capacity of the steel to absorb the energy where notch toughness is present.


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What quality makes boiler plate steel suitable to use in high pressure applications ?

The boiler plate steel is designated for use in the pressure vessel and pipeline systems. A boiler grade plate has excellent low temperature toughness, which allows it to have good resistance to mechanical strain. The boiler plate should have resistance to creep deformation or cold flow. The plates have excellent notch toughness meaning they are neither hard nor brittle. Finally, boiler quality carbon steel plates require to have good weldability and outstanding corrosion resistance properties.


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