Branch tee fitting

Branch tee fitting

What is branch tee fitting?

Tee fitting is one of the most popularly used pipe fitting these days. It has the same function as that of olets, which means the branch tee is used for branch connection in a linear pipeline. It has a T shape and comes with two outlets, which is located at 90 degree to the main connection. The branch tee fitting is a piece of pipe which comes with an integrated outlet. They can be made of different materials like aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc. The male branch tees are available in various sizes and finishes, and can be customized as per user requirements. The brass branch tee helps to transport two-phase liquid mixtures and is a great substitute for olets. These can be used as sanitary fittings in the waste lines.

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Brass male branch tee vs femal branch tee

The only difference between male and female branch tee is in the position of their threads. The brass male branch tee is threaded outside, while the female one is threaded inside. These fittings are highly economical and can be assembled easily.

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Application of hydraulic branch tee

The hydraulic branch tee is used for connecting hydraulic hoses. It means they can be used in components like hydraulic tubes, pipes, and cylinders. They are also found in different types of hydraulic hoses which helps with fluid flow, direction change, diverting or mixing two fluids.

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What are the advantages & disadvantages of using instrumentation branch tee?

The instrumentation branch tee helps with the installation of the pressure gauges and various other similar instruments without the introduction of a dead leg. They are manufactured using different kinds of materials like stainless steel, and they come with either weld or clamp ends. They are also available with different types of surface finishes. They are compliant to the ASME BPE standards. It has a port bowl design that enables full drainability in both horizontal and vertical positions. They help minimize the dead space.

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What is the most common cause of leaking compression branch tee?

The compression branch tee can leak due to various reasons. Over tightening the fitting is one of the most common causes behind its leakage. While tightening the fitting, the tool should only be turned until resistance is felt. From there, it should not be tightened anymore until a resistance is felt. This will ensure the fitting does not leak due overtightening.

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What is UNF and NPT?

UNF is Unified Fine Thread whereas NPT is National Pipe Thread. Both are types of pipe threads found in fittings like instrumentation male branch tee used with various piping systems. They both are compatible with most North American hydraulic and pneumatic components.