Brass connectors

Brass connectors

What are brass connectors?

Pipe fittings made of brass are very common and widely used in different types of applications. The brass connectors helps to transport liquids, slurries, combustible gases, and various other plumbing materials. The brass tube connectors are available in different forms and dimensions, which are customizable as per the requirements specified by the client. The brass compression adapters can adapt and control all types of gases or liquids in the piping system. They are also very useful in the automobile applications like hose ends, air brakes, and fuel line valves. The brass male nipple connector ensures that all of your plumbing components remain safe and they are long-lasting. They are economic, versatile, and has high flexibility.

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What is brass male to female connector?

The brass male to female connector comes with male thread on one end and female on the other. They are used for connecting hoses and pipes that come with different ends. They are found in hydraulic systems, natural gas equipment, air hoses, refrigerators, etc. These brass connectors can be connected to pipes made of brass, copper, aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel.

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Features of brass female adapter

The features of brass female adapter are:

  • They show corrosion resistant properties.
  • They are safe to use.
  • They have low thermal conductivity.
  • They are very reliable and forms a strong part of the piping system.
  • It has an easy installation with a low installation cost
  • There is no requirement for welding and thus, they are free from fire hazards.
  • They have high strength.
  • They are lightweight

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What is the difference between brass male and female connectors?

The brass male connector comes with thread one the outside while the female one has thread on the inside. They are used together to join pipes, tubes, and various other piping components in a piping system.

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What is 360 brass male adapter?

The 360 brass male adapter is made up of standard alloy which consist of copper and zinc in its chemical composition. It also consists of around three per cent lead. The small quantity of lead in the 360 yellow brass pipe connectors enhances its machinability. They show good strength and corrosion resisting properties. They also have high durability and workability.

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Application of brass compression adapter

The brass compression adapter are used in a wide range of applications. They are popularly used in places where the use of fire or any type of soldering or welding is completely banned. Some of the common services where they can be used would include chemical transfer and instrumentation gas. They are also found in mobile equipment, air compressor piping, and various non-potable water plumbing equipment.