Brass flare fittings

Brass flare fittings

What are brass flare fittings?

Flare fittings which is a type of compression fitting can be made of brass and used with other tubings or flare fittings. The brass flare fittings can be used for securing the tapered end of a flare tube or fitting. It offers a pressure-resistant and leakage-proof seal, and the connections offer a high degree and long-term reliability. The brass flare elbow fittings can be used as an appropriate alternative to the solder-type joints. The ca360 brass flare gas fittings come with a body and a flared end. These are affordable fittings that can resist mechanical pullouts. They can be assembled and disassembled easily for inspection and maintenance. These fittings can minimize leakage and are used for flammable applications in the marine, liquid, and gas industries.

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How to determine brass flare fitting sizes? What size flare is on propane?

The female connections of the brass flare pipe fittings are measured by inserting the gauge to the connection and then placing it to the surface of sealing. In case the connection’s centerlines and gauge are parallel, then it means that the correct angle has been found out. The male flare type can be measured by placing the gauge to the sealing surface. If the connection’s centerlines and gauge are parallel, then it means that the correct angle has been found out.

The flare size on propane is ½” or ⅜”. They come with a 45 degree flare angle.

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What brass flare fittings are used on propane?

The brass propane flare fittings are essential components that are used in propane tanks. They come in the form of adaptors, t-fitting, plugs or caps. The primary benefits of these fitting is that they can be assembled and disassembled easily.

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Compression vs brass flare pipe fittings

The brass flared compression fittings typically consist of a pipe, nut, compression ring, and the fitting itself. The nut is tightened against the fitting and thus, the brass ring is deformed against the pipe itself. It takes less time and skills than creating a flared outlet. However, for the brass pipe flare fitting, the end of the pipe creates the seal. They can be used for making extremely strong connections that will require the pipe to be broken.

CDA 360 brass flare elbow and flareless fittings to ensure a leak-proof joint

What is the difference between 260 brass and 360 brass flare fittings?

The 260 brass and CDA 360 flare fittings have different chemical composition. For 260 brass has a higher copper content, and lower zinc and lead. This is why the tensile strength and yield strength of the 260 brass fittings are higher, which is why they are not easy to machine. The 360 brass fittings have high machinability but they do not have suitable forming operations.

3/8 brass flare fittings in ORB, JIC, NPT, JIS, ORFS, BSPP threads to eliminate leaks in threaded joints

What are brass flare fittings used for?

The brass sae flare fitting are often used in applications like vacuum lines, fuel equipment, refrigeration, etc.