Brass needle valve

Brass needle valve

What are brass needle valves?

Brass needles control the flow of liquids and gases in pipes and systems. These valves are typically used in water supply, gas, oil, and process piping systems. They are designed to be reliable with a long life span. Brass needle valves are favourable in applications with a lack of space or the need for higher pressure.

Thus, it is typically a disc or ball which is mounted on a stem along with has an opening through which liquid can pass as well. Since these valves which have a smaller diameter, that do not have any flange as well as a lip for sealing against the pipe wall accordingly.

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What is the application of the NPT brass propane needle valve?

Since it has a needle-like shape which was created to link two valves on either side of the needle, the NPT brass propane needle valve can also be used to regulate pressure. It is used in multiple industries such as oil as well as gas, chemical, and power generation, and manufacturing.

A 1/2 Npt brass Needle Valve is a durable as well as cost-efficient valve which can work reliably in harsh environments too. The 3/8 Npt brass Needle Valve has a threaded stem as well as a threaded seat. The valve is installed by first threading the stem into the pipe, then screwing on the seat.

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What is the basic principle of female brass needle valves?

Female brass needle valves are used to prevent liquids from flowing backward through pipes. While the liquid enters the valve, it then flows into the top of the valve. This liquid is then released at a constant pressure into a pipe or tank below through a smaller hole in the bottom of the valve. While the liquid exits from the valve, it further travels through a larger hole in the top of the valve.

This liquid is then additionally sealed by a piece of rubber and even a plastic at times, which prevents water from flowing back into the pipe too.

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Where should a brass angle needle valve be installed?

Brass angle needle valves are used in many industries, including mining, construction, and engineering. It is typically installed at the outlet of a water main, and they direct the water flow to the destination.

The Brass 90-Degree Needle Valve which has a 90-degree bend, which allowing it to be used with smaller pipe sizes as well. Its design also makes it easier to install as well as use, along with being more reliable.

Hence, these valves which are made of brass and are commonly used in water systems as well as gas systems. It’s also a bit more expensive as well as has a unique design that allows it to be opened as well as closed quickly with minimal effort too.

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What are the advantages & disadvantages of brass alloy instrumentation needle valves?

Brass alloy instrumentation needle valves area considered to be more durable, as well as they also provide a more consistent flow.

  • Higher temperatures and pressures are no problem for these valves.
  • They resist rusting better.
  • They also have a lengthy service life and don’t need any extra maintenance to keep performing at a high level.
  • Without having to disassemble them first, these needle valves can be used again as well, saving time, money, as well as materials.
  • Thus, these valves also feature a strong heat conductivity along with a low coefficient of friction.


  • These valves are quite expensive as well.
  • The valve seats may also become loose over time with repeated use.
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How does a brass alloy needle valve control flow?

The brass alloy has a unique ability which maintains its shape even when, subjected to high temperatures as well. Thus, a brass alloy needle valve, also controls flow by controlling the opening size through which, fluid can pass in as well as out of an engine or boiler accordingly.

Thus, the BS-218 is a ferrule needle valve which is a popular choice for industrial applications as well as, is used in many oil and gas pipelines, as well as chemical processing plants, power plants, along with oil refineries too.

ASTM A494 Brass Needle Valves are used in many applications as well, from heating along with cooling systems to water treatment systems. Thus, these valves have good corrosion resistance and strength properties.