Brass pipe

Brass Pipe

What is a brass pipe?

All buildings need effective plumbing systems, and it is only the pipe fittings that make it possible. Mainly it is the brass pipe that most people use worldwide for getting drinking water and sending out sewerage water. Also, many industries use the brass tube for carrying many fluids apart from water to make many things.

Brass is a man-made alloy with a mix of copper and zinc. The ratio of the combination varies to make many brass plumbing pipes and industrial pipeline transportation. It has many advantages over pipes made from other metals to have more brass tube stock.

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Brass pipe specifications, size chart, and chemical composition

Brass Pipe Specification

Brass Pipe Properties

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How to cut brass pipe?

Brass is a soft material compared to many metals to be easy to cut. But it is essential to use the right cutter and consider the work area as critical. The cutters can be small or big to be suitable for more significant areas. And the size of the brass drain pipe is essential to determine whether to use small or big cutters.

Being careful by wearing safety glass and gloves is essential while cutting brass tubing will also not damage it. Also, it is crucial to put less pressure on it, not to bend or pinch but to use the cutter more effectively.

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Brass tube advantages and disadvantages

The average brass pipe price is Rs. 500 per kilo in India. The brass tube price varies according to shape and size like 2-inch brass pipe and others. Like all tubes, 5mm brass tubes and others have advantages and disadvantages, including the following.

Advantages of brass tubes

  • Best for domestic plumbing needs
  • Ideal for industrial fluid transportation pipelines
  • Suitable for many marine projects
  • Having a high melting point of over 1000 degrees Celsius brass tubes are ideal for hot water systems
  • It lasts long to have high durability
  • Easy to handle and install at lower costs because of its extreme malleability levels to mould, bend, and shape

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Disadvantages of brass tubes

  • It has low melting point as well as low strength
  • Also more expensive compared to copper tubing

How to solder brass water pipe?

Brass is an alloy of more copper and less zinc to solder easily. The following are simple steps to solder brass water pipes with watertight seals in residential, commercial, and industrial pipelines.

  • Turn off the running water to not drip from the pipe
  • Deburr the pipe end if cutting with its hacksaw
  • Spread flux on the pipe outside and inside of the brass fitting using a brush
  • Heat the joint using a propane torch till the flux boils to stop the hat
  • Unroll a lead-free solder coil and move it around the pipe to melt and seep into the joint to solder in a few seconds

Most popular types of brass pipe

Threaded brass pipe

Threaded brass pipe

15mm brass pipe

15mm brass pipe

Lead free brass pipe

Lead free brass pipe

Red brass pipe

Red brass pipe

Yellow brass pipe

Yellow brass pipe

Brass metal pipe

Brass metal pipe

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How to install threaded brass pipe?

Threaded brass pipes are softer than most metals to install easily and quickly. Though it is not essential to have tight fittings, as in steel pipes, it should be tighter than hand tight. Installing copper to threaded brass fitting has a male or female threaded end, and the copper pipe has an inlet. After soldering, the appliance gets screwed with the threaded brass tube in simple steps.

  • Sand the copper pipe end to join the brass fitting
  • Brush a thin layer of flux or soldering paste
  • After soldering, screw the appliance into the threading head
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How to connect a brass drain pipe?

A brass round tube is better than thin brass tubing for connecting drain and PVC pipes. The large-diameter brass tube needs the right sized and shaped PVC pipes to connect easily and quickly. Also, it is essential to do the following steps to connect them firmly to last long without leakages.

  • Adding the primer and glue to the pipe using Teflon tape is the first step
  • Next is screwing the pieces together by holding the pipe with a wrench
  • The third step is to use rubber seal on both pipe sides
  • Next is to put both the pipes into a coupling to screw the nuts
  • Loosen the rubber no-hub coupling metal bands to insert the brass and PVC pipe to meet in the middle
  • Tighten the bands with a screwdriver to complete connecting them.