Brass pneumatic fittings

Brass pneumatic fittings

What are brass pneumatic fittings?

The pneumatic fittings made of brass are used for connecting different parts like hose, pipes, and tubes, in a pressurized gas or pneumatic system. The brass pneumatic fittings are primarily made of copper and zinc, along with other elements which give the fittings its properties. For example, the brass pneumatic male connector comes with enhanced machinability and malleability. They have a bright gold appearance and comes with desirable acoustic properties. The 360 brass pu elbow exhibits low friction and they also have a relatively low melting point. The c38500 brass equal p u elbow is a good heat conductor and they can effectively resist corrosion, which includes galvanic corrosion caused by seawater. The brass cw614n p u connector female is non-ferromagnetic in nature. The c3602 brass pu coupler is typically used for transporting water, flammable gases, chemicals,slurries, and various other plumbing substances. They come in different shapes and sizes, hence can be customized according to the application requirements.

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What is male & female brass pu connector?

The brass pneumatic male connector and female connector are used for forming a connection that helps with smooth pipe run. These connectors are used in a wide range of industries. The brass cw614n p u connector female has a rugged construction and it shows good resistance to corrosion. These fittings are highly durable too and available in seamless finish. The designs and sizes of the cz124 pu male connectors are easily customizable.

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What is brass alloy 360 pu cross?

The brass alloy 360 pu cross is one of the most common fittings used across different types of industries. They have high tensile and yield strengths and show good resistance to corrosion. They have superior machinability and are used in different types of electric equipment.

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What is brass pu bulkhead fitting?

The brass pu bulkhead fitting helps to make piping connections to the tank. Herein, a hole is cut on the tank, wherein the fitting body is inserted. The brass pu bulkhead assembly comes with a locknut thread which helps to hold the body in place. It puts pressure on the gasket which helps to create a pressure resistant and leak tight seal.

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What is Brass Male Thread Tee Fitting?

The male thread cz124 brass p u tee can be described as a type of industrial fitting that helps to connect fractional tubes to the NPT female threads. The brass pneumatic equal tees are available in different sizes, which are customizable by the manufacturer according to the client specific requirements.

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Advantages of brass pu fittings

The brass pu fittings come with several advantages, like:

  • They are very versatile and can be used for different purposes.
  • They have high durability and malleability.
  • They show good tolerance to high temperature conditions.
  • They are resistant to corrosion.