BS 3692 bolt

BS 3692 Bolt

What is BS 3692 bolt?

The BS 3692 bolt covers mechanical and physical properties for coarse and fine thread specifications. A BS 3692 Bolt is a carbon and alloy steel with thread diameters of M1.6 to M68 sizes. These bolts cover structural grades that can be both quenched and tempered. The BS EN 3692 Stud Bolts are ductile and have good malleability. These bolts can connect different pieces of equipment efficiently. BS3692 Carriage Bolts have good strength and tolerance. These bolts have exceptional tensile and yield strengths. The versatile BS 3692 Anchor Bolts can be heat treated to increase their performance and tolerances. The anchor bolts can be coated with protective layers to create an extra line of protection. The BS EN ISO 3692 Threaded Rod is available in custom sizes to meet customer requirements.

BS 3692 Bolt Specifications

BS 3692 Bolt Dimensions

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Is BS EN ISO 3692 heavy hex bolts magnetic?

The BS EN ISO 3692 magnetic properties depend on its chemical content. If the BS EN ISO 3692 Heavy Hex Bolts are ferritic and martensitic grades may be magnetic. However, austenitic grades are magnetic in nature.

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How much weight can an BS 3692 hexagon head bolts hold?

The BS 3692 hexagon head bolts weight holding capacity depends on the size and material specifications of the grade. These BS 3692 Hexagon Head Bolts can hold anywhere between 800 to 22000 lbs.

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Is BS3692 screws corrosion resistant?

The BS3692 screws are high tensile fasteners that have good resistance to corrosive environments. These BS3692 Screws can handle harsh environmental conditions. However, they may rust when exposed to toxic affluents and media.

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What are the main benefits of a BS EN 3692 hex bolts?

The BS EN 3692 hex bolts are six-sided fasteners that fasten wood, metal, plastic, or other materials. These BS EN 3692 Hex Bolts help increase the tightening torque. These screws require a socket or hex key that ensures that they don’t loosen due to vibration and stress.

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Applications of BS 3692 nut

The BS 3692 nut is a hollow fastener that has a better clamping force and reduces axial movement. A BS 3692 Nut is a feature in pharmaceuticals, gas processing, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, and oil drilling systems.