BS 4190 bolts

BS 4190 Bolts

What are BS 4190 bolts?

The BS 4190 bolts are mechanical fasteners used to affix different materials efficiently. These BS 4190 Bolts are ISO metric threads with diameters between 5mm to 68mm. These bolts are specified to create a permanent or temporary connection. The BS EN ISO 4190 Heavy Hex Bolts are used in temperatures up to 300 degrees C and are partially threaded. These bolts create a secure and reliable connection. A BS 4190 Nut is used to fasten the bolts to hold the material. These nuts create better clamping force and reduce any axial movement. The BS4190 Screws, similar to bolts, can be heat treated or customized as per requirements.

BS 4190 Bolts Specifications

BS 4190 Bolts Dimensions

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How do you calculate BS 4190 hexagon head bolts torque?

The torque of the BS 4190 hexagon head bolt torque is the twisting force used to connect material efficiently. These BS 4190 Hexagon Head Bolts are calculated using the formula T=K x D x P.
Here, T= tightening torque
K= coefficient of friction
D= BS EN 4190 Hex Bolts diameter
P= desired tensile strength of the material

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How to measure BS EN 4190 stud bolts size & length?

The BS EN 4190 stud bolts are measured based on their major and minor diameter. These BS EN 4190 Stud Bolts length is calculated by measuring the head of the fastener to its blunt end.

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Applications of BS EN iso 4190 threaded rod

The BS EN ISO 4190 threaded rod is a fastener designed with threads across its length. A BS EN ISO 4190 Threaded Rod is used to connect different equipment efficiently. These rods bolster superior strength and have enhanced resistance to corrosive affluents.

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Are BS4190 carriage bolts high tensile?

The tensile strength of the carriage bolts invariably depends on the temperature they are used. Generally, BS4190 Carriage Bolts have a tensile strength between 400N/mm2 to 1000N/mm2.

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Do BS 4190 anchor bolts corrode?

The BS 4190 anchor bolts work with primary alloying elements of carbon, phosphorus, and sulfur. These BS 4190 Anchor Bolts can be alloyed to other compositions to increase their tolerance to corrosive affluents. When these bolts are exposed to harsh media, they corrode under stress and pressure.