BS EN 14399-10 bolt

BS EN 14399-10 Bolt

What is BS EN 14399-10 bolt?

The BS EN 14399-10 bolt is a high strength structural bolting for assembling, allowing for preloading. A BS EN 14399-10 Bolt helps create a secure connection giving them resistance to stress and vibration from loosening. The DIN EN 14399 10 High-strength Structural Bolting equipment is designed in standard sizes of M12 to M36. The bolting systems help create a calibrated preload. A CSN EN 14399-10 Hex Bolt can be fastened, making use of a socket, hex, Allen wrenches, or key. These bolts create a strong connection and are used alongside nuts. They create a better clamping force and can be availed in different sizes and specifications.

BS EN 14399-10 Bolt Specifications

BS EN 14399-10 Bolt Dimensions

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BS EN 14399-10 nut coating and their advantages

The BS EN 14399-10 nut coating nut helps improve its appearance and acts as a protective coating. A BS EN 14399-10 Nut has good corrosion resistance and reduces friction. These nuts reduce scatter, which allows the amount of preload to achieve the desired torque. The nuts help create a superior connection with the BS EN 14399-10 Basic Bolt making them highly reliable.

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How to calculate EN 14399-10 structural hex bolt weight?

The EN 14399-10 structural hex bolt weight determination depends on various parameters. An EN 14399-10 Structural Hex Bolt weight is calculated using the formula length x width x thickness x density.

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How to measure UNI EN 14399-10 structural bolt head size & length?

The UNI EN 14399-10 structural bolt head size can be measured using a caliper. A UNI EN 14399-10 Structural Bolt head is measured from the top to the tip of the threads.

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What are the disadvantages of EN 14399 (-10) heavy hex bolt?

The EN 14399 (-10) heavy hex bolt is designed to have a higher thickness and width. An EN 14399 (-10) Heavy Hex Bolt has a higher profile head and requires more room to fasten. These bolts also require a socket, hex or Allen key, and wrench to hold them in place.

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What temperature can EN 14399-10 hexagon bolt and nut withstand?

The EN 14399-10 hex bolts and nuts are designed to operate in low and high temperature conditions. This EN 14399-10 Hexagon Bolt And Nut has an operating temperature between -420 to 550 degrees F.