BS EN 14399-3 bolt

BS EN 14399-3 Bolt

What is BS EN 14399-3 bolt?

The BS EN 14399-3 bolts are covered under the British standard specifications. A BS EN 14399-3 Bolt helps create a strong connection with different equipment for long periods. These bolts bolster superior strength and performance. The DIN EN 14399 3 High-strength Structural Bolting is designed with higher chemical composition. This allows them to have good corrosion resistance and tolerance. A UNI EN 14399-3 Structural Bolt can create either a permanent or temporary connection. These bolts have good mechanical properties in different temperatures. The EN 14399 (-3 ) Heavy Hex Bolt can be coated with different protective coatings that give them superior performance and reliability.

BS EN 14399-3 Bolt Specifications

BS EN 14399-3 Bolt Dimensions

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What is the shear strength of BS EN 14399-3 basic bolt?

The shear strength of the BS EN 14399-3 basic bolt is not specified by the manufacturers. Generally, a BS EN 14399-3 Basic Bolt shear test is 60% of its tensile strength.

BS EN 14399-3 nut and washers are available in M12- M24 sizes in Middle East countries

What size do CSN EN 14399-3 hex bolt come in?

The CSN EN 14399-3 hex bolts come in nominal sizes of M12 to M36. This CSN EN 14399-3 Hex Bolt has inside diameters from 13.27mm to 37.62mm with outer diameters ranging from 24 to 66mm. The EN 14399-3 Hr Hex Structural Bolt can be custom designed to suit different project requirements.

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Is BS EN 14399-3 nut hardened?

The Is BS EN 14399-3 nuts can be heat treated to harden the materials. This BS EN 14399-3 Nut can be later coated with black, zinc electroplated and hot dip galvanized. The hardening process allows it to showcase good resistance and tolerances.

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EN 14399-3 washer benefits

The EN 14399-3 washer is primarily employed to evenly distribute the flow of media. An EN 14399-3 Washer ensures that the material is not damaged due to the equipment they affix. They create a strong connection with the bolts, nuts, and screws they are affixed with.

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Applications of EN 14399-3 hexagon bolt and nut

The EN 14399-3 hexagon bolt and nut are high strength fasteners employed to securely affix different materials. EN 14399-3 Hexagon Bolt And Nut is used in high strength bolting assemblies and components. These fasteners are also a feature in chemical processing, automotive equipment, wind power systems, etc.