BS EN 14399-8 bolt

BS EN 14399-8 Bolt

What is BS EN 14399-8 bolt?

The BS EN 14399-8 bolt covers high strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading material. A BS EN 14399-8 Bolt allows connection with different equipment. These bolts allow the creation of both permanent and temporary connection types. They bolster good resistance and tolerance in harsh environments. The EN 14399-8 Hex Bolt can be heat treated to increase its performance and makes them very reliable. These bolts can be ordered in different sizes to suit project requirements.

BS EN 14399-8 Bolt Specifications

BS EN 14399-8 Bolt Dimensions

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What is the diameter of CSN EN 14399-8 hex fit bolt & nut ?

The diameter of CSN EN 14399-8 hex fit bolt & nut is specified in standard diameters of M12 to M36. This CSN EN 14399-8 Hex Fit Bolt & Nut has a pitch thread from 1.75 to 38.9max.

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What is an BS EN 14399-8 high-strength structural bolting used for?

The BS EN 14399-8 structural bolting equipment is used for general assembly systems to enhance its performance. This BS EN 14399-8 High-strength Structural Bolting is utilized in chemical processing, bolting equipment, the construction industry, infrastructure, etc.

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How is EN 14399-8 structural bolts measured?

The EN 14399-8 structural bolts are measured based on the lengths and diameter of the fastener. These EN 14399-8 Structural Bolts diameter is calculated based on the major and minor diameter of the grade. The length of these UNI EN 14399-8 Heavy Hex Bolts is measured by calculating the hex end to the blunt end.

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How do you determine the weight of an EN 14399-8 structural hex bolt?

The weight of the EN 14399-8 hex structural bolts weight is based on different specifications. EN 14399-8 Structural Hex Bolt is calculated with the formula Length x Width x Thickness x Density.

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What is the benefit of a DIN EN 14399 8 hexagon fit bolt?

The DIN EN 14399 8 hexagon fit bolt is easy to install and dismantle. This DIN EN 14399 8 Hexagon Fit Bolt has superior strength and can be used in compact spaces. These bolts can increase its tightening torque and reduce the risk of loosening the material.