Bulkhead female connector

Bulkhead female connector

What is female bulkhead connector?

A female bulkhead fitting is a type of pipe fitting which joins or fits with the male fitting. These are instruments which help in the transmission or flow of fluid. The bulkhead female connector can be easily assembled and disassembled; they are easy to install too. The brass double ferrule bulkhead female connectors are economical and they offer tight seal to both tubes and pipes. They can effectively resist abrasion and corrosion. Apart from brass, they can also be made of carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. The female npt bulkhead connectors are available in various designs and dimensions can be customized according to the requirements given by the client. They can be used as coupling for transmitting liquid and gasses, like coolants, hydraulic fluids, refrigerants, and pneumatics. They come with a special design and hence they have a low chance of pressure loss. They also do not hold any moisture and reduces the chance of contamination.

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How npt female bulkhead connector work?

The taper on the npt female bulkhead connector thread helps them to form a seal when torqued. This is because the flank compresses against each other, contrary to compression fittings where the threads only hold the pieces together and do not offer a seal. Thus, the female npt bulkhead connector depends on thread deformation and the threads of the connector form together.

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What does SMA stand for in SMA female bulkhead connectors?

SMA in sma female bulkhead connector stands for SubMiniature Version A, which is a 50 ohm coaxial connector. For ensuring maximum transmission speed, both the male and female connectors should have coaxial design.

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Advantages of brass female bulkhead connector

The benefits of brass female bulkhead connector are:

  • They have excellent malleable properties.
  • They possess high durability.
  • The brass brass bulkhead female connectors are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • It has a high temperature tolerance.
  • It can effectively resist corrosion.
SMA female bulkhead connector for 100% leak-free connection, equivalent to Parker/ Swagelok

What is reducing bulkhead female connector?

The reducing bulkhead female connector can be described as an equipment which is used as various pipe and tube fittings for changing their size. They offer a leakage-free seal in both liquid and gas services. They help to reduce the size of the pipe and join a larger part of the pipe to the smaller part of the fitting.

Reducing bulkhead female connector in Tapered threads for leak-tightness

Is BSPP compatible with NPT?

BSPP and NPT have different thread forms and thus, they are not compatible with one another. Also, the flank angle of the NPT thread is 60 degrees while that of BSPP thread is 55 degrees. NPT comes with flattened peaks and valleys whereas, BSPP comes with rounded peaks and valleys.