Bulkhead male connector

Bulkhead male connector

What is male bulkhead connector?

Bulkhead is a fitting which is designed for allowing tank or reservoir drainage through a hole. It helps to create a tight seal which avoids leakage and then the water can be plumbed from the tank in whichever direction needed. The bulkhead male connector is intended to be placed on a flat surface after it is passed through the tank wall. The fitting is formed with the bulkhead of a pipe socket or a threaded component, along with a gasket and a locking nut. The brass double ferrule bulkhead male connectors are available in different sizes and they can be made from different materials too. They come with nuts and gaskets.

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What is brass bulkhead male connector?

The brass bulkhead male connector is made of brass and they allow piping connections to be made to pipes. They help to allow drainage of tanks or reservoirs through the hole. It helps to reduce leakage and contamination.

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What does SMA stand for in sma male bulkhead connector?

The abbreviation SMA in sma male bulkhead connector stands for “Sub-Miniature Version A”. They have an interface type of solder cup that uses contact solder as an attachment procedure. These are made of different materials and available in customizable sizes. They can bear pressure up to 6000 psi and can be used in hydraulic pipes.

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Is NPT and UNF compatible?

Most of the North American hydraulic and pneumatic components are compatible with NPT and UNF.

Equivalent to Parker/ Swagelok brass male bulkhead connector for hydraulic connection

Easy Steps to Identify Threads of male npt bulkhead connector

The steps to identify male npt bulkhead connector would include:

  • It should have threads on the outside as it is a male connector.
  • You need to distinguish between the tapered and parallel thread. The thread dimensions get narrower as they extend outward for tapered, while for parallel ones, the dimension remains the same.
  • Next, the pitch size can be measured with the help of a pitch gauge.
  • The thread diameter should be measured.
  • The thread type standard should be determined from the NPT chart.
Male NPT bulkhead connector in all threads and configuration

Advantages of brass male bulkhead connector

The advantages of brass male bulkhead connector are:

  • It is very versatile and used in various applications across different industries.
  • It has high durability.
  • It has good tolerance to high temperatures.
  • It has high malleability.
  • It has a long service life.
  • It shows good resistance to corrosion.
  • It is a very economical choice.

Application of reducing bulkhead male connector

The reducing bulkhead male connector is a type of fitting component which allows the piping work to be separated. They can also be reconnected without any horizontal movements in the pipe. This can be separated easily without any deformation to the respective pipes. They can be used in hot water and household applications.