Bulkhead Union

Bulkhead Union

What is bulkhead union?

A bulkhead fitting helps to make the piping connections to the tank. Firstly, a hole is cut on the tank wherein the body of the bulkhead union is inserted. There is a locknut which threads into the body for holding it in place. The locknut of the stainless steel bulkhead union puts pressure on the gaskets which helps it to make a leak-tight seal. The brass bulkhead connector is affordable and should be hand tightened followed by another ¼ to ½ turn. However, overtightening it can make the gasket distorted and cause leakages. These are specially designed fittings which help with liquid free flow in the tank, drum drainage, and other types of plumbing connections.

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What is bulkhead reducing union?

The bulkhead reducing union is a straight tube fitting which comes with unequal size of tube fitting end connections. It has threaded body which has a secured design in a cabinet or bulkhead and is accompanied by a bulkhead nut.

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Is BSPP a straight thread in bulkhead union fitting?

BSPP or BSP Parallel is a straight thread in bulkhead union fitting. It uses a bonded ring seal to do the proper sealing.

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What is bulkhead adapter?

The bulkhead adapter is used for connecting tubes and pipes of different sizes and configurations through the panel. These are available for different types of pressure applications depending on the exact specifications of the adapter. The bulkhead adapter fitting is made of different materials, including 316 stainless steel. They offer the required flexibility needed for large and complex systems to the simple tube racks. These are ideally used in a wide range of construction flow systems.

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Hydraulic vs compression bulkhead union

Both hydraulic and compression bulkhead union are used in different types of plumbing systems for connecting pipes of different diameters together. It comes with threaded connection on each side. The compression union does not require any tool for installation and can be hand tightened.

The hydraulic bulkhead fitting comes with a rubber gasket which seals around the pipe as pressure is applied. This is done by tightening one end of the pipe while pushing the other end inside it. This is a more expensive style compared to the compression fitting, but it offers better leakage and contamination protection.

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Applications of brass bulkhead union

The welding bulkhead union is primarily used in tube connections or straight tubes or various applications wherein the fitting body needs to be welded. They are suitable for different types of air and portable water applications. They can also be used in industries like paper and pulp, oil and gas, oil refineries, etc.