Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves

What are butterfly valves?

Valves in piping are components that have a mechanism to regulate, shut down, or open up the flow inside the pipeline. The valves are fighting in the lines to make sure they can regulate the flow as needed. Depending on the need of the applications, there are different types of valves to be used. The Butterfly Valves get the name as they have a disk that is around a stem and has two halves, which makes them look like a butterfly.

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Can a butterfly valve control pressure?

Wafer type butterfly valve can control the pressure by allowing or preventing flow. The pressure is influenced by the flow speed and volume as well. However, the pressure drop is always present due to the fact that the butterfly disk is always in the way of the flow. Even when the Triple offset butterfly valve is open, the disk is still in the way, and this reduces pressure in the system. This type of valve has to be selected carefully and should not be used in systems that have to be accurate with pressure. The main reason why people use this valve is that it is cheaper and lighter, compared to other types of valves.

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How long does a butterfly valve last?

Wafer butterfly valve doesn’t have a fixed lifespan. There are different aspects that can decide it. The material from which the valves are made, the size of the valve, the internal and external environments, and the number of times a valve is closed or opened during its lifetime are some of the influencers. If the Industrial butterfly valves are made up of highly strong and corrosion-resistant material, operated very rarely and the fluid flowing inside is a non-corroding fluid, then they can last over 20 years. However, the general timeline for food good quality valves is about 10 years.

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How is a butterfly valve installed?

Pneumatic butterfly valve can be fitted easily with threads or by welding the valve with the pipeline. To make the valves leak-proof, welding might be the preferred option in applications that require airtight connections. The Butterfly check valve can also be fitted with just the threads and thread seal tapes to make sure they don’t leak in general applications. The valve body is fitted with pipes where the bonnet can align the butterfly disk. If the disk is parallel to the pipeline, it is open. And if the disk is perpendicular to the pipeline, then it is closed.

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How do you fix a leaky butterfly valve?

The best way to fix a leaky valve is to replace it. However, if High performance butterfly valves are found to be leaking, they could be fixed by removing and re-installing them. Cleaning the valve can clear out the clog and enable the valve to function as usual. The Flanged butterfly valve can sometimes be fitted to the pipeline by welding. In these cases, you have to cut and remove the valve first to clean up the valve or the system.

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How do you know if your butterfly valves are damaged?

The damage can occur due to a broken disk or a clotting impurity. If the Lug type butterfly valve is not functioning as expected, apply air under pressure and see if it could pluck out the dirt inside the valve system. If the air flows through without any problems, then shut down the valve and send the air through. If the Electric butterfly valve is functioning, then there should be no air coming from the outside. If the components are broken, then there will be air leaking.

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