Buttweld Cross

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buttweld cross

What is buttweld cross?

These fittings are constructed by welding two parts of a component together along the joint to form a cross. They have one inlet with three outlets or inversely, one outlet with three inlets.

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Hot press forming of butt weld cross fitting

One of the benefits of using the hot press forming technique is the reduced equipment for the formation of a Buttweld Cross. The process includes the division of a tube blank whose diameter is larger compared to the cross. A hole will be opened in an area tension branch pipe, Once the tube blank is heated, it is placed in the die of its tensile branch pipe, which gets compressed under pressure. The compression causes the metal to flow forming a branch pipe toward the tensile branch pipe.

Stainless steel cross pipe fitting dimensions as per ASME B16.9

Advantages of 4-way pipe cross fittings

These fittings are easy to install – requiring no special equipment. It is possible to create a turn (left or right) and is available in 90, 180 & 270-degree turns. They can withstand high pressures and can connect four different pipes. Depending on the alloy used, it may exhibit mechanical and corrosion resistance properties.

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Installation of stainless steel butt weld cross

Usually, a Stainless Steel Butt Weld Cross is internally threaded. The outer threads of the pipes will mate with the internal threads of the fitting. However, if the cross isn’t threaded, they have to be welded to a piping system. This is a long process but needs careful installation because the presence of a small amount of moisture or contaminants can hinder the proper functioning of the piping system. The first step would be cutting the pipe and checking for any excess material, which is then cleaned and prepared for welding. The next step is to solder or weld the fitting to the pipe, followed by cleaning – after it has cooled down. A clean surface leads to minimal chances of intergranular corrosion near the weld area. Lastly, the assembly will be checked by allowing the media to flow through the system at a slightly higher pressure.

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When to use BW cross?

Since the use of an BW cross is limited because of its inability to bear stresses, the fittings are used in either fire sprinkler systems or in pneumatic applications

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