Buttweld Pipe Cap


What is buttweld pipe cap?

Unlike most fittings that can manipulate the flow of media in a piping system, the main purpose of using an end cap is to halt the flow. The reference to the term end cap is to the fact that it terminates the pipeline by being capped with a fitting.

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How to put ASME B16.9 end cap on copper pipe?

If a copper pipe has been threaded, one can simply twist the cap to mate the external threads of a copper pipe. For butt-weld caps, the bevelled edge makes it simple for a pipe to penetrate within the fitting. The connection may be formed by welding or soldering with the appropriate technique, followed by thorough cleaning of the welds.

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What are stainless steel end cap used for?

Stainless steel alloys, depending on the grade have moderate to excellent corrosion resistance properties. They can withstand high temperatures and work well in cryogenic environments. They also outperform alloy steel and carbon steel under high pressure. These properties make the Stainless Steel End Caps well-suited to the petrochemical, oil and gas sectors. The caps will not break down due to excessive hydrogen deposition on their inner surface. Other industries that use a Buttweld Pipe Cap are sugar, chemical processing, water supply, waste management, power generation and fertilizers.

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How to measure pipe cap size?

To measure the size of a cap, the dimensions must include the entire diameter between the outer circumference. Its thickness can be measured by reducing its outer and inner diameter.

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Advantages of large diameter steel pipe end caps

They are used to shut off connections for large-diameter pipes. They serve as protective devices for pipes in the event of future connection. If welded using the proper technique, a Large Diameter Steel Pipe End Cap can remain resistant to corrosion and prevent leaks for volatile and flammable media.

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Deep drawing method of carbon steel buttweld cap

Deep drawing is a manufacturing process that involves stretching a metal blank. The metal blank is stretched out with the help of a plug and is then shifted onto a die. To form a cap fitting, a drawing press will push down the carbon steel blank into the die. As the material is malleable, it takes the shape of the die and the drawing press. The Carbon Steel Buttweld Cap is then removed from the die to be processed by heat treatment and coatings.

How to connect the pipeline with butt weld cap?

Similar to most fittings, caps can have a buttweld or a socket-weld connection to the pipeline. Another way to terminate a connection is with the use of internal threads on the cap that mate with the external threads of the pipe.

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