Buttweld Tee

buttweld tee

What is buttweld tee?

Shaped in the form of the alphabet ‘T’, these fittings can simultaneously connect 3 pipes together. A Buttweld Tee is constructed such that it forms a 90-degree angle between the inlet and outlet.

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What is the purpose of ASME B16.9 tee?

This fitting is used if a system needs to either combine or divert the flow of media.

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How to order a stainless steel buttweld tee?

Ordering a stainless steel buttweld tee is a simple process. You have to make a checklist of all the properties, specifications, materials etc. that the application requires. Once you understand the kind of fitting you want, go through the suppliers available online and place an order accordingly.

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How to read carbon steel butt weld reducing tee sizes?

While reading the size of a carbon steel butt weld reducing tee, first mention the largest size i.e. run of the tee. The next number mentioned is the opposite side of the run. Lastly, the next size to be read is that of its branch side. Together, the size of a Carbon Steel Butt Weld reducing tee would be read as – 1″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″.

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Pipe tee manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of a pipe tee includes two methods – Hydraulic Bulge and Hot Extrusion Method. Both methods start with inspection and cutting. In a Hydraulic Bulge method, the cut piece is extruded, where the hydraulic pressure generates a bulge. After which it is given a heat treatment, sandblasted, grooved and painted. In a hot extrusion technique, the pipe is heated to prepare it for extrusion. The procedures for both methods are almost similar, except that hot extrusion is carried out at a higher temperature.

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Installation benefits of BW tee

Unlike regular fittings, a tee can be used to combine two fluids into a mixture. And the design of the fitting permits the easy flow of media through pipes. They can also evenly distribute the pressure of the flow in a piping system.