C14500 Tellurium copper bar

C14500 Tellurium Copper Bar

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What is c14500 tellurium copper bar?

C14500 is a tellurium copper. A C14500 Tellurium Copper Bar has the same mechanical properties as an unalloyed and pure cu. It has a high machinability rate. The cutting properties of a C145 Tellurium copper hex bar can be increased to a high extent. This can be done by adding tellurium to it.

The usage of Tellurium copper C14500 bars is much. It can be used as an electrode in electrical discharge machining. It is also used in forging and other industries. The alloy is used to replace cu. C14500 Tellurium Copper Bar gets the properties of copper in the EDM process.

C14500 tellurium copper bar sizes, specification, composition and mechanical properties

C14500 tellurium copper bar specification

C14500 tellurium copper bar properties

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Can copper and tellurium bond?

Tellurium copper is made from an alloy of copper and tellurium. Tellurium is used to improve the machinability of cu metal. The alloy of these metals is known as a free-machining alloy. It consumes less power and gives a better surface finish.

A C14500 Copper Rod can be used in making hot fashioned items. It is also used in fast screw machine items and in parts that require high conductivity. It is mainly used for broad machining as it has high machinability. The addition of tellurium adds to the properties of cooper.

Tellurium copper 145 rounds chemical test identifies % ingredient & alloy base information

What is c14500 copper rod used for?

It is used for many purposes. An Alloy 145 Tellurium Copper Rod is used for architecture in fire protection. It is also used in electrical places such as for connectors, motor parts, soldering cu, switch parts, and transistor bases. It is also used in forging and other industries.

Tellurium Copper 145 Rounds have a high melting point. It is used in many applications such as electrical conductors and heat sinks. Tellurium makes it lustrous, crystalline, and semi-metallic. It adds to the properties of both metals and no metals. It is resistant to oxidation and fatigue.

Annealing is heat treatment process to changes the mechanical and chemical properties of a c145 tellurium copper hex bar

C145 copper bar tolerances

Copper bars offer many good properties such as corrosion and fatigue resistance. A C145 Copper Bar is mainly used in high-speed automatic screw machines and heat applications. It is used in circuit breaker terminals and studs.

Its tensile strength is 42.8 ksi, yield tensile strength is 39.9 ksi, Rockwell hardness is 77, and shear strength is 26.1 ksi. The machinability of an ASTM B301 Grade C14500 H04 Rod is more efficient. It has resistance to marine water. There is no loss from lichens, moss, etc.

Grade c14500 tellurium copper round bar manufactured in different diameters from ΒΌ-inch to large, 24-inch thick stocks for heavier-duty use

What is tellurium copper c14500 bars hardness?

C145 copper tellurium is a free machining copper, and the copper telluride affects the cutting chips. Precipitates of Grade C14500 Tellurium Copper Round Bar in the microstructure affect them into short pieces. So, there is high machining speed than with pure cu. Its hardness ranges between 65-130 HV. Tellurium Copper C14500 Bars have tellurium content of 0.4-0.7 %. It also has phosphorus in it.

C145 Tellurium Copper Hex Bar also has a high facility rate. It is faster than unalloyed copper. ASTM B301 C14500 Flat Bar establishes the requirements for free-cutting cu rods, bars, wires, and shapes.

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