Cable Lugs

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What are Cable Lugs?

Cable lug are electrical connectors that connect or terminate cables together. Cable Lugs connect device terminals that simplify the assembly, maintenance, and repair processes. The versatile Wire Lugs are utilized when a permanent connection is required, where a direct connection is inconvenient or impossible to form. The most common types of lug are ring, pin, flat, male & female, and U Type Lugs.


Cable Lugs


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Useful Information

Useful Information


Cable Lugs and Glands suitable for smooth interconnection in switch gears, control panels, transformers

Difference Between Cable Gland And Cable Lugs

The Cable Lugs and Glands are devices that are utilized in electrical connections using cables. A cable lug supplies and distributes electric current without any hindrance between any electrical cables. Cable Glands is a device that is designed to attach and secure the ends of an electrical cable to any equipment.

The Wire Gland provides relief from strain, and they are well suited to cables of different types and descriptions. The Industrial Cable Glands can be either permanent or temporary. However, lugs are mostly used when a permanent connection is required. The Electrical Gland and lug also have some similarities with each other.


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Uses of Electrical Wire Lugs

The Electrical Lugs are utilized to supply and distribute current without any hindrance between electrical cables. Electrical Wire Lugs allow for easy installation, repair, and maintenance. These lug connect one cable with another cable or more than two cables. The Crimp Lugs are used in connecting fuses, switches and electrical appliances, and other cables connected to power lines.


What are Electrical Wire Lugs Price

Description Price in USD Price in Driham
Tinned Copper 35 X 8 Hd Cable Lug 235.06 863.38
25 X 6 Hd Tinned Copper Cable Lug 428.14 1572.58
Untinned /Tinned Cables Lug 10252.50 37656.01
(Tin Plated ) Copper Cable Lug 24677.95 90643.10
Copper Cables Lug Size: 240mm 81.46 299.21
Cable Lug 70 X 12 Hd Tinned Copper 1108.12 4070.17


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Advantages of Terminal Lugs

A terminal lug has excellent electric current and voltage. The Terminal Lugs have an aesthetical appearance and are cheaper than most other lugs. The installation process of these lug is also simple and safe.


Types of Cable Lugs

Types of Cable Lugs