Cage nuts

Cage nuts

What are cage nuts?

A cage nut, also known as a caged nut, is a nut that is enclosed within a spring steel cage that wraps around the nut. Other names for this type of nut include a captive nut and a clip nut. The cage contains two wings that, when compressed, allow it to be placed into square holes found, for instance, in the mounting rails of equipment racks. These square holes are found in the cage. The nut is kept in place behind the hole even after the wings are removed because they do so.

Cage Nut specifications and dimensions

Cage Nut Specifications

Cage Nut Dimensions

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What is a caged nut used for?

Cage nuts are an excellent choice for keeping your equipment from having its threads stripped and for facilitating the fastening of your server rack’s equipment in a simple manner. A normal nut is encased in a cage and secured by a spring inside of a caged nut. The cage nut may be fitted into a square hole thanks to the fact that the cage has two wings that can be pinched

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What are clip nuts called?

A clip nut is a particular kind of nut made to be attached to sheet metal. It is also referred to as a speed nut or a sheet metal nut, however these terms are unclear; see speed nut. This particular captive nut is frequently produced as a cage nut.

In terms of where they clip on, shape, and type of thread, they come in a variety of shapes. Each clip-on nut is only intended to work with a specific subset of sheet metal gauges (thicknesses). They are typically constructed of spring steel.

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Can captive nuts be used on wood?

The nuts, which can be either metal or wood, latch onto the parent material and can be released with a screwdriver. To provide a high level of permanence in the computer world, the bolts are tightened directly onto the parent panel.

A captive fastening provides excellent defense against mechanical forces, stress, and motions like vibrations. Traditional nuts frequently fall out, which can cause harm and substantial losses.

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What is the standard automotive cage nuts size?

Cage nuts typically come in one of three different sizes. 10-32, 12-24, and M6 are the sizes of these items. The product you are installing will decide the size that you will need for the hole in the board. We strongly suggest that you make the investment in the necessary screw to go along with the cage nut.Dimension: 14.5 x 21.0 mm.

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How do rack cage nuts work?

Rack cage nuts are a good solution for preventing equipment threads from becoming stripped and for simplifying the straightforward connection of server rack equipment. A rack Cage Nuts is contained in a cage and held in place by a spring within a cage nut. Because the cage includes two wings that may be pinched together to form a closed loop, the cage nut may be inserted into a square hole.