Carbon steel compression fittings

Carbon steel compression fittings

What are carbon steel compression fittings?

The carbon steel can be described as an alloy that contains carbon and iron with other elements added in specific quantities. The amount of carbon present in the carbon steel compression fittings material determines its type or grade. It helps to join two tubes or pipes with thin walls together and they do not need soldering. The carbon steel ferrule fittings works by the olive compression between the two tapered surfaces and the pipe. They can be used for connecting pipes with threaded equipment like valves. The ASTM A105 pneumatic fittings are widely used in various pressurized gas or pneumatic systems. They have tighter seals and lower pressure requirements compared to that of the hydraulic fittings. The A105N carbon steel bulkhead fitting helps to connect the pipes to a tank. They offer leakage tight sealing actions. The CS instrumentation fittings are the general compression fittings which comes in double ferrule type, and they offer leakage proof and torque free seals.

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What is Parkerizing finish in carbon steel tube fittings ?

The Parkerizing finish can protect the surface of the carbon steel tube fittings from corrosion and wear. The wear and corrosion resistance properties of the fittings increase due to the addition of a chemical phosphate conversion coating.

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What is the difference between carbon steel SAE and JIC fittings?

The CS JIC fittings have identical dimensions to that of the AN fittings. They are produced with less exacting tolerances and are more affordable too. They are generally used in hydraulic hoses. The SAE fittings come with a 45 degree flare and have similar appearance. However, they are not interchangeable. They are usually found in refrigerators.

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How do I know what size CS compression fitting I need?

Take the measurement of the pipe accurately and then compare it to the chart given by the pipe fittings manufacturer to understand which size of SA 105 Single Ferrule Fittings will work the best for you. After you have determined the size, you will need to determine if directional fitting or a straight connection is needed.

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What is the easy method to ensure no leaking on the system?

There are a few ways to ensure that there are no leakages in the system, like:

  • The most fundamental way to test leakage is through visual inspection.
  • The bubble testing is a simple and cost-effective way of finding leakages in the gas system.
  • The pressure changing test can help with detecting leakages in both liquid and gas systems.
  • The airborne ultrasonic test helps to detect leakages in various gas systems.
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Common types of threads in ASTM A105 compression fittings. How do you measure compression thread size?

The most common types of threads in ASTM A105 compression fittings are:

  • BSPP
  • BSPT
  • Metric parallel
  • Metric tapered
  • UN/UNF

To measure the thread size, the diameter of the thread across its widest point should be measured.