Carbon steel forged fittings

Carbon steel forged fittings

What is Carbon steel forged fittings?

Carbon steel is a relatively soft material that comes with low strength. However, they have a high ductility which makes the material excellent for machining and welding at a low cost. The Carbon Steel Forged Fittings are made of carbon steel grades, and it comes with high wear and tear properties with improved toughness. They are manufactured from a single piece of raw material which makes them quite strong and resistant to stress. The CS fittings can get corroded easily if exposed to water. They are used in a wide range of sectors, including chemical, petrochemical, power generation, and OEM manufacturing. They can also be found in the automobile industry. The material is very popular due to its reliability, environment friendliness, and affordability.

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To whom we buy fully killed cs threaded fittings to save cost? manufacturers or importers

If you want to save cost while buying fully killed cs threaded fittings, you should buy them from the manufacturers. The importers will add up to the cost and then sell you the same product.

Refer to dimensions and sizes of fully killed cs threaded fittings

Carbon steel forged fittings specification

Carbon steel forged fittings material

Types of Carbon steel forged elbow

Carbon steel 45 degree threaded elbow

45 degree threaded elbow

CS 90 degree threaded elbow

90 degree threaded elbow

Low carbon steel 45 degree socket weld elbow

45 degree socket weld elbow

High carbon steel 90 degree socket weld elbow

90 degree socket weld elbow

High CS Street elbow

Street elbow

Fully killed cs NPT elbow

NPT elbow

Types of Carbon steel forged adapter

Quenching carbon steel Expansion adapters

Expansion adapters

Quenching carbon steel Mechanical joint adapters

Mechanical joint adapters

Types of Carbon steel forged coupling

CS Half coupling

Half coupling

Low carbon steel Full coupling

Full coupling

Fully killed cs Reducing coupling

Reducing coupling

Black carbon steel Threaded half coupling

Threaded half coupling

Quenching carbon steel Threaded full coupling

Threaded full coupling

Types of Carbon steel pipe nipple

Low CS Eccentric Swage Nipple

Eccentric Swage Nipple

High carbon steel Concentric Swage Nipple

Concentric Swage Nipple

High CS Swage nipple

Swage nipple

CS Barrel nipples

Barrel nipples

Low carbon steel Hexagon nipple

Hexagon nipple

Types of Carbon steel union

High carbon steel Threaded Union Female Male

Threaded Union Female Male

Low CS Socket weld union

Socket weld union

Low CS Threaded union

Threaded union

High CS Threaded Union Female-Female

Threaded Union Female-Female

Types of Carbon steel bushing

Quenching carbon steel Hex bushing

Hex bushing

Carbon steel Hex reducing bushing

Hex reducing bushing

Types of Carbon steel forged tee

Black carbon steel Threaded tee

Threaded tee

Black carbon steel Socket weld tee

Socket weld tee

Quenching carbon steel Diverter tee

Diverter tee

Carbon steel Lateral tee

Lateral tee

CS NPT tee

NPT tee

Types of Carbon steel forged cross

Low carbon steel Threaded cross

Threaded cross

Fully killed cs Socket weld cross

Socket weld cross

Types of Carbon steel forged cap

Black carbon steel Threaded cap

Threaded cap

Quenching carbon steel Socket weld cap

Socket weld cap

Types of Carbon steel plug

Low carbon steel Hex bull plug

Hex bull plug

CS Bull plug

Bull plug

Low carbon steel Square head plug

Square head plug

CS Hex plug

Hex plug

Types of Carbon steel forged reducer

Low CS Threaded reducer

Threaded reducer

High carbon steel Socket weld concentric reducer

Socket weld concentric reducer

High CS Female threaded reducer

Female threaded reducer

Fully killed cs Male threaded reducer

Male threaded reducer

Other types of Carbon steel forged fittings

High carbon steel Boss


High CS Reducer Insert

Reducer Insert

Fully killed cs NPT threaded fittings

NPT threaded fittings

Low CS BSP threaded fittings

BSP threaded fittings

How to calculate NPT thread lenght in black cs threaded elbow?

The taper rate for NPT thread in black cs threaded elbow is ⅙, which is around ¾ inch per foot. It is measured by the change in diameter over distance. The angle between the taper and center axis of the pipe is around 1.7899 degrees.

Request quotes from the suppliers of black cs threaded elbow/ union/caps mentioned below to save cost and time.

How much pressure can black cs threaded union hold?

The black cs threaded union can withstand pressure up to 60000 psi.

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What is double low cs threaded bushing?

The double low cs threaded bushing is a type of fitting which is widely used in the petroleum industries.

Always ask for the necessary test reports for low cs threaded pipe nipple from the suppliers.

Advantages & applications of Quenching CS threaded tee?

The Quenching CS threaded tee comes with superior strength, increased durability, and endurance. This is why they are used for liquid, gas, and steam services in both above and below the ground services.

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